The Order In Which Operators Are Involved With Organizing The Employment Of Convicted, And The Order In Which Those Agreements With The Custodial Sentenced For Organising Employment

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā komersanti tiek iesaistīti ar brīvības atņemšanu notiesāto nodarbinātības organizēšanā, un kārtība, kādā slēdzami līgumi ar brīvības atņemšanu notiesāto nodarbinātības organizēšanai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 292 in Riga in 2008 (April 21. No 25 30) the order in which operators are involved with organizing the employment of convicted, and the order in which those agreements with the custodial arrangements for the employment of sentenced Issued pursuant to the Penal Procedure Code of Latvia, article 51 of the eighth 1. determines the order in which operators are involved in sentenced to imprisonment (convict), the organisation of employment and the order in which those convicted of employment contracts. 2. to promote employment of the convicted, information about employment opportunities in the convicted prison authorities placed the prison administration and the Ministry of Justice website on the internet. Information is updated not less frequently than every six months. Information shall specify: 2.1. these provisions procedures in which the convicted workers organize;
2.2. the regulations governing the employment of prisoners;
2.3. for the space available, the conditions of the specification;
2.4. the conditions of imprisonment of available space;
2.5. the employment of prison management and custodial authority contact numbers. 3. Offer to employ convicted businessman submit to prison administration or prison administration. 4. when the economic operator's offer to employ convicted, prison administration or the penitentiary administration: 4.1 shall inform the operator about the possibility to employ convicted in a specific prison facility;
4.2. the operator to provide information on contact persons in custodial institutions responsible for employing convicted;
4.3. provides the operator the opportunity to visit custodial authority to become familiar with the spaces where you can do business. 5. the conditions of employment of the convicted received offers of a custodial institution shall immediately inform the administration of the prison administration and to initiate cooperation offer consultation with economic operators. 6. where the economic operator and the penitentiary administration agree on the organisation of the employment provisions of the penitentiary administration in cooperation with economic operators initiate contract required the preparation of projects. 7. the prison administration shall ensure the draft Treaty (Treaty on cooperation in the employment space of the convict lease project and, if necessary, or State land lease project) preparation and coordination with the merchant. 8. the prison administration shall examine and harmonize the rules referred to in paragraph 7 of the draft contract within 15 days of the date of receipt of the draft Treaty. 9. The rules referred to in paragraph 7 of the agreement provides for the following projects employment of convicted of organizing distribution of costs: 9.1. Merchant shall, at its own expense, provide the convicts pay and regulations laid down by the tax and fee payments, rent for premises, equipment, utilities, transportation, training of the convicted (except where the training is carried out vocational training establishments on State budget resources);
9.2. the penitentiary institution at its own expense, provide the conveyance to the convicted work location and from the work site back in the penitentiary institutions in the territory, as well as the security and monitoring of convicted during the work. 10. If the reconciliation process, the prisons authority finds non-conformity with the project contract laws, the prison administration shall forward its opinion to the penitentiary administration and the economic operator failures. The penitentiary administration or operator within 15 days from the date of receipt of the opinion, prevents deficiencies and resubmit the prisons administration saskaņojamo contract projects. If the deficiencies are not found or are eliminated, the prisons administration sends the draft Treaty agreed the penitentiary administration. While prison administration informs the operator about the harmonization of the draft Treaty. 11. the contracts of employment of convicted for organizing the prisons on behalf of Government by proxy signature custodial institutions Commissioner or person replace him. 12. The implementation of the contract from the prison administration shall ensure the penitentiary administration. Prime Minister i. Godmanis Justice Minister g. Smith