The Order In Which The Prepayments And Submit Proof Of Prepayment, Redemption Of The (Buying) Urban Land

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā veicama priekšapmaksa un iesniedzams apliecinājums par priekšapmaksu, izpērkot (pērkot) pilsētas zemi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 305 in Riga 2008. on 28 April (pr. No. 27) order, the prepayment and submit proof of prepayment, redemption of (buying) urban land Issued under the State and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates on completion of the law on the use of article 24, first paragraph and article 32 of the seventh part 1.: 1. determine the order in which cities before land cadastral and land determine the redemption (purchase) contract to advance privatization certificates according to the cadastral value of the land (prepayment);
1.2. the order in which cities registered in the registry of land redemption person presents proof of prepayment certificates before carrying out privatization of land redemption (purchase) contract (hereinafter referred to as evidenced in you);
1.3. the order in which the State joint stock company "Latvian mortgage and land bank" (hereinafter referred to as the mortgage bank) announces a prepayment made. 2. The accumulation of prepaid account number in the transfer of privatisation certificates include the letters "NE" and land cadastral designation of the unit. 3. at the request of users of land the city (district) Council shall issue a certificate in accordance with national and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates of completion to the use of article 32 of the law the fifth part (hereinafter referred to as the certificate). Certified statement shall be issued by the cover letter. The covering letter indicates the name of the person, the name and ID of the person who has land units redemption (purchase) rights, as well as the number of the certificate of privatization funds (hereinafter referred to as the cover sheet). 4. If the ground the user request to the city (district) Council has submitted electronically or made a request to receive an electronic certificate, the user specifies in the request, in which the credit institution has opened or will open privatization certificate account. If privatization certificate account is open, in addition to the request indicate the credit institution branch or service center where it will be opened. 5. the notice of the provision of the certificate of the city (district) Council within three working days, send to the mortgage bank. The notification shall specify in the certificate and of the information referred to on the cover sheet. If the information provided to the user Earth electro electronic check, the city (district) Council statement and cover letter sent to the mortgage bank at the electronic document was sent to the land user. If the ground the user indicated that privatization certificate account is opened or will open joint stock company "Latvian savings bank", the city (district) Council enquiries and simultaneously send a covering letter and a mortgage bank and company "Latvian savings bank". If privatization certificate account is opened, the city (district) Council indicates the request that a credit institution branch or service center. 6. If the information provided in paper form, land user, make a prepayment, credit the seedlings presented the city (district) Council certificate and cover letter, and a credit institution referred to in news accounts of the case are recorded. If the information provided electronically, the credit institution shall register the account in case of the city (district) Council received notice or add account to use certified electronic copies of documents in paper form. 7. land user can make prepayment only from his privatization certificate account. 8. If the city (district) Council provides certificate and is misspelled on the cover sheet, on the basis of which it was made a prepayment, the basis of the person's application to the city (district) Council, a new certificate and cover letter, mortgage bank transferred back privatization certificates, prepaid caller account. 9. Prepayment of credit brought ma certificate task or the account statement, which contains the certificate of the privatisation of the payer account number for a given piece of land transferred and the number of the certificate purpose: prepayment, as well as a mark of the city (district) Council provided the number of the certificate and the date of issue. 10. A Person who has made a prepayment, the town (district) Council shall submit the certificate of transfer or the tasks of the account statement on land redemption payment of land privatisation certificates before NASA buy (purchase) contract. 11. The city (district) Council information about the submission of certificates of transfer tasks entered the city the land redemption registry under the Cabinet of Ministers regulations issued on the basis of State and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates on completion of the law on the use of article 24, third subparagraph. 12. funds for the Prepayment of a mortgage bank privatisation certificates deletes for land redemption (purchase) the conclusion of the contract or under the user's removal from the register of urban land redemption pursuant to Cabinet of Ministers regulations issued on the basis of the law "on the privatization of the third" article 18, tenth. 13. the mortgage bank to 2008 September 15, sent to the city (Nova da) Council information on prepayments made, showing the details of the (corrupt) redeemable piece of land, the person who made the prepayment transferred and the number of certificates. Prime Minister i. Godmanis economic Minister, the Minister of Justice g. Smith

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