The Natural Reserve "the River Lielupe Floodplain Meadows" Personal Protection And Terms Of Use

Original Language Title: Dabas lieguma "Lielupes palienes pļavas" individuālie aizsardzības un izmantošanas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 326 in Riga, 13 May 2008 (pr. No 30 8) natural floodplain of the river Lielupe barring a "Meadow" personal protection and terms of use are Issued in accordance with the law "on especially protected natural territories" of the second subparagraph of article 14 and article 17, second paragraph i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. natural floodplains of the river Lielupe barring "Meadow" (hereinafter referred to as the natural restricted area) and use the individual protection arrangements;
1.2. functional zoning of natural behavior;
1.3. identification of natural behavior in nature-special informative signs and use of samples. 2. Natural restricted area established to preserve the natural floodplain meadow at Lielupe's shores, specially protected plant and animal species, habitats and sites-specific landscape. 3. Natural territory is not in effect barring specially protected natural territory protection and general terms of use. 4. Natural barring the area is 352 hectares. Functional area of natural protection scheme set out in annex 1 of these regulations, but the functional composition and the zone boundary description in annex 2 of these rules. 5. the nature of the natural boundary of the restricted area in stands with special informative signs. Special information in the mark and the procedures for using these provisions set out in annex 3. 6. Natural restricted area in the following functional areas: 6.1. natural barring area;
6.2. the neutral zone. II. General aprobežojum across the territory of natural barring 7. Landowners, the legal possessor and users banned from your property or use the restrict the movement of visitors through the specially installed in the path that is specified in this provision in annex 1 and intended for viewing of natural behavior. 8. the nature protection authority have the right to provide limited accessibility information for status information on the barring existing specially protected species Habitat, and specially protected habitat location if its disclosure could harm the environment. This information may be disseminated only through conservation management written permission. 9. throughout the territory of natural behavior is prohibited: 9.1. installation of new landfills and pollute the environment with piegruž and waste and store waste them in unexpected places;
9.2. bonfire outside the specified or specially equipped places (except the fire the digging of incineration residues, cutting down trees, shrubs and restoring grasslands);
9.3. the regional environmental governance without written permission of: 9.3.1. to perform actions that cause ground water, and surface water level changes;
9.3.2. to carry out archaeological research;
9.4. getting valid except in underground mineral water for personal use;
9.5. move with the water motorcycles, except for State and local government bodies, the movement of officials of their duties;
9.6. hunt birds;
9.7. allow the natural apmežošano of agricultural land;
9.8. install wind generators. III. the Nature of the restriction zone 10. Natural zone barring is designed to preserve the natural floodplain the pļ vas, which consists of the high eitrof grasses grown and moderately moist meadows, as well as specially protected animal species – such as (Crex crex), torque the Kikuta (Gallinag media), black tern (chlidonias niger), common tern (Sterna hirundo), tilbīt (Tringa glareola)-Habitat, as well as specially protected plant-the Baltic dzegužpirkstīt (Dactylorhiza Baltica) and spotted dzegužpirkstīt (Dactylorhiza maculata)-and Latvia the spread of rare plant with the characteristics of the forest – tulips (Tulipa sylvestris) and the fritilārij (fritilaria Plaid Meleagris)-species habitat. 11. Natural restricted area prohibited to: 11.1. take land transformation, other than: 11.1.1 land transformation of tourism infrastructure deployments that contain a given in annex 1 of these rules;
11.1.2. land transformation scheduled crossings North (North-Western of the Jelgava bypass phase) across the river Lielupe and natural areas to be closed according to the procedures laid down in the laws and regulations on environmental impact assessment;
11.2. mow the Meadow, away from edges to center field;
11.3. to leave the roads and move with motor 7.2.1.*during*the*calibration*phase*of*the*substitution*method* Rised, mopeds, waggon and horses through agricultural land, if it has nothing to do with the management or monitoring of the territory;
11.4. bringing tents and bonfire outside the specified or specially equipped places;
11.5. the tool autosacensīb, motosacensīb, ūdensmotosport and water skiing competitions, as well as rally, treniņbraucien and grace Browning respect;
11.6. to damage or destroy (also ploughed or cultivating) floodplain grassland and lauc;
7.3. to divide the land into land units smaller than 10 heck out (including dividing joint ownership) as well as a joint timeshare usage rights, if any, in the use of identity remain less than 10 hectares;
11.8. to perform actions that cause soil erosion;
7.4. burn the dry grass and reeds, except for controlled burning as a meadow habitat management measures to restore and maintain the natural territory, barring within jaunsvirlauka if you have received the national environmental service for the relevant regional environmental management and for fire protection and fire-fighting authorities responsible for written authorisation;
11.10. let the dog being in the outdoors without a leash and uzpurņ;
11.11. the ieaudzē forest;
11.12. regional environmental management without the prior written permission of: 11.12.1. organize outdoor public events involving more than 50 people;
11.12.2. make utilities and other building restoration, renovation or reconstruction, as well as the way of reconstruction or renovation;
11.12.3. installation of the cognitive, recreational and tourism infrastructure, with the exception of those rules specified in annex 1;
11.12.4. collecting natural materials collections;
11.12.5. installation of maritime resources base;
11.12.6. installing a fenced wildlife species outdoor pasture. 12. Natural barring territory which includes, jaunsvirlauka going to jam the existing drainage system disruption after sa takes regional environmental administration, Field support services of the regional agricultural administration and local authorities concerned, written permission. IV. Seasonal barring 13. to ensure a smooth specially protected bird, natural area in the closed season restriction. 14. Season barring scheme are laid down in annex 1 to these rules, but the boundary description in annex 2 of these rules. 15. seasonal restriction is determined each year from 1 April to 30 June. 16. the territory of the season barring all natural zone barring restrictions. 17. Season barring illegal stay, except when it's not needed for monitoring, barring management measures and scientific studies. V. neutral zone 18. Neutral zone created in populated areas and historic homesteads, in order to ensure the conservation of the characteristic landscapes and territory sustainable economic use and development. 19. The neutral zone prohibited to: 19.1. any action that significantly modify the characteristic landscape;
19.2. the regional environmental governance without written permission to be cognitive, recreational and tourism infrastructure. 20. Construction of the neutral zone allowed under local government planning, respecting these rules, as well as construction and environmental protection, regulations governing the procedures and restrictions. Prime Minister i. Godmanis Environment Minister r. vējonis annex 1: Cabinet of Ministers of 13 May 2008. Regulations No 326 natural floodplains of the river Lielupe "barring meadows» functional area and seasonal closures in scheme, Environment Minister r. vējonis annex 2 Cabinet may 13 2008. Regulations No 326 natural floodplains of the river Lielupe barring" grasslands "functional area and boundary description, as well as the season barring a boundary description 1. Natural zone barring 1. Natural area includes barring all other natural sanctuaries" of floodplain meadow at Lielupe "area not in the neutral zone. 2. the neutral zone 2.1. Neutral Zone I area the property cadastre number: no property cadastre number p.k. 2.1.1 2.1.2 09000130132.09000130169 09000130167 (part of the) 2.1.4 2.2. Neutral Zone I area the boundary coordinates: no PO box points Coordinates X Y coordinates coordinates 1 482698 6281751 2 482750 6281787 2.2.1 2.2.2 482852 6281627 4 482805 6281607 2.2.4 2.3. Neutral Zone II area within the property cadastre numbers : no property cadastre number p.k. 2.3.1 09000120012 (part of the) (part of the) 09000120063 09000120065 2.3.6 2.3.7 2.4. Neutral Zone II areas border coordinates: the coordinates of the points no PO box X coordinate Y coordinate of 2.4.1 2.4.2 483335 6279567 2 483428 6279643.3 483491 6279567 4 483534 6279529 5 483612 6279412 2.4.6 2.4.5 2.4.4... 6 483580 6279389 7 483577 6279383 8 483511 6279453 483483 6279438 10 483459 6279467 483439 6279567 483481 6279487 13 483397 6279542 14 483371 6279521 The season barring 3.1 season barring border coordinates: the coordinates of the points no PO box X coordinate Y coordinate of 1 6282526 481547 3.1.1

3 6282511 481536 4 6282455 481607 6282528 481551 3.1.3 3.1.4 6282035 482134 7 6281705 482407 5 6282156 481941 6281534 482464 9 6281277 482612 3.1.9 3.1.10 6281074 482608 11 6280951 482622 3.1.12 3.1.11... 12 6280911 482562 13 6280713 482620 14 6280707 482649 6280364 482693 16 6280331 482708 3.1.18 6280301 482702 18 6280306 482668 3.1.19... 19 6279994 482716 20 6279735 482829 21 6279608 482945 3.1.20 3.1.21 3.1.22... 22
3.1.23 6280002 483143 23 6279827 483292 6279620 483014.25 6280293 482895 26 6280445 482826 6280752 482807 28 6280798 482824 3.1.29 6280969 482832 30 6281001 482851 3.1.31 3.1.30..... 33 6281487 482772 31 6281366 482826 32 6281404 482790 3.1.33 3.1.34 6281652 482667 34 6281573 482705 36 6281842 482508 37 6282137 482126 3.1.38 39 6282385 481777 Note: 38 6282260 481963 3.1.39. Cadastral information as at January 2006.
Minister for the environment r. vējonis annex 3 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 13 May 2008. Regulations No 326 Special information mark to denote the natural behavior and its procedures for using Special information 1 mark to denote the natural behavior () is the green square area of white frame with a stylized wall pictogram.
2. Sign color (the color requirements are specified Pantone, CMYK and ORACAL systems) are the following: 2.1 square area (pictograms wall background)-light green in color (Pantone M0 Y100 K0, 362C or C70 or ORACAL ECONOMY 064 (yellow green)); 2.2. the pictogram wall-white; 2.3. the outline of the wall and the wall of the pictogram of the dzīslojum-dark green (Pantone or C100 M0 Y78 K42, 3425C or ECONOMY (dark green) ORACAL 060); 2.4. sign a frame-white. 3. the procedures for using the mark: 3.1. installing the sign, select one of the following dimensions: 300 x 300 mm 3.1.1 3.1.2 3.1.3 150 x 150 mm.; 75 x 75 mm.; 3.2 marks appear in the editions size, keeping the square aspect ratio, choose according to the scale used, but not less than 5 x 5 mm; 3.3. other cases not mentioned in this annex 3.1. and 3.2., you can use the different sizes of signs saving the square proportions; 3.4. the sign does not install on the roads (including the tracks). 4. Mark (preparation) and deployment provides the management of nature protection, in cooperation with the relevant authorities.
Minister for the environment r. vējonis

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