Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 8 March 2005, Regulations No. 175 "prescription Form Manufacturing And Storage, As Well As Prescription And Storage Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2005.gada 8.marta noteikumos Nr.175 "Recepšu veidlapu izgatavošanas un uzglabāšanas, kā arī recepšu izrakstīšanas un uzglabāšanas noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 392 in Riga, June 2, 2008 (pr. No 36 30) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 8 March 2005, regulations No 175 "prescription form manufacturing and storage, as well as prescription and storage rules" Issued in accordance with article 60 of the law on medical treatment and the law "on the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and to the legitimate movement of medicinal products order" 36. the first paragraph of article 1 do cabinet 8 March 2005 rules no 175 "prescription form of manufacture and storage as well as prescription and storage rules "(Latvian journal, 2005, nr. 48; 2007, 2008, 104 no; no. 22) the following amendments: 1. make paragraph 6 by the following:" 6. The usual recipes form borders and fills in part of the pharmacy, is highlighted in light blue. Special recipes form borders and fills in part of the pharmacy, is colored a light pinkish color. "; 1.2. make points 27 and 28 by the following: 27.35. These rules repeatedly referred to all the recipes used in medicinal quantities discharged shall keep the patient or, with the consent of the patient, pharmacy, where the patient will receive the below recipes drawn grass. If a recipe stored in pharmacy, it shall immediately inform the patient about the pharmacy location or other conditions that may affect the availability of prescriptions for the patient. If the patient does not close the recipe never left the pharmacy, pharmacy provides prescription data and information on the registration of medicinal products issued so as to ensure the health authorities to check the validity of the service of medicine. After all, in the volume of prescriptions issued prescription pharmacy, retaining the last purchase. 28. Until 31 December 2008 printed in special recipes for the second copy of the pharmacy on prescription shall conclude the patient. If on special prescription prescribed medication acquisition expenses partially or fully covered by the insurance company, the second copy of the prescription pharmacy you can put the insurance company in accordance with the signed agreement of the medication. " 1.3. make 30 points by the following: "30. Recipes properties, and text is clearly legible and indelible. When the recipe is not acceptable errors and corrections. "; 1.4. to make 33 as follows: "33. write out a special recipe is just a doctor who works in a medical institution. The right to prescribe the drugs and medical devices, the purchase of which the patient partially or fully covered from the purchase of medicines compensation granted funds according to regulations for outpatient treatments and medicines for the purchase of medical equipment for compensation procedures (hereinafter referred to as the compensation procedure), is a doctor who has a contractual relationship with the Agency. "; 1.5. make 46 as follows: "46. After the patient has treatment at the request of the person who issued the statement, a copy or a copy of the prescription. Pharmacy service to the prohibited medication or medical device to duplicate or copy of the prescription. " 1.6. to delete the words in subparagraph 49.10. "and code"; 1.7. put 50 as follows: ' 50. Agency: 50.1. accumulate and process these rules referred to in paragraph 49 of the prescription data; 50.2. the Ministry of health, State Agency of medicines, the price of medicinal products by the national agency of health inspection and law enforcement institutions to request information on the medicines and medical equipment usage, which discharged to a special prescription form; 50.3. the Ministry of health, health inspection, and at the request of the institution of the bass tiesībaizsardz provides information on the specific prescription. "; 1.8. to supplement the provisions of this paragraph and 55.3 55.4: "this rule 55.3 28 shall cease to be in force by 1 July 2009. Bill Hall, 55.4 without checkout code for medicinal products and medical devices to specific prescription forms, printed in up to 31 December 2008, allowed up to 30 June 2009. "; 1.9. Annex 2 worded as follows: 1.10. deletion of annex 3, paragraph 17, the words "(the name indicates, if the product is not included in the register of medicinal products)"; 1.11. delete paragraph 22.1 of annex 3. 2. This provision 1.1., 1.3., 1.5., and the bottom point 1.9 shall enter into force on 1 January 2009.
Prime Minister i. Godmanis Health Minister Morris I.

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