Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 17 February 2004, The Regulation No 82 "fire Safety Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004.gada 17.februāra noteikumos Nr.82 "Ugunsdrošības noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 422 in Riga in 2008 (10 June. No 38 33) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 17 February 2004, the Regulation No 82 "fire regulations" Issued in accordance with the law of the fire protection and fire-fighting article 12 to make a Cabinet of 17 February 2004, the Regulation No 82 "fire protection regulations" (Latvian journal, 2004, nr. 28; 2008, no. 22) the following amendments: 1. Make the paragraph 29 by the following: "29. national forest service determines the period of forest combustible and announcing the beginning and end of the entire territory of Latvia. After checking with local national forest service in the administrative territory may determine and promulgate other forest combustible period. " 2. Delete paragraph 30, the words "district and the city." 3. Express 31 the following: "31. to reduce forest fire, as well as to successfully delete the forest fires and reduce its effects, take the following precautions: 31.1. State and local road or rail land partition zone (hereinafter referred to as the partition bar) the owner (possessor) where partition bar bordered by forests and soil peat layer not thicker than 0.15 m, be mineralized bar (not less than 1.5 metres wide until we stripped the soil minerālslān soil or flip bar that prevents the spread of fire). Mineralized band renewed annually and maintain during the period of forest combustible fire position; 31.2. the forest owner (possessor): 31.2.1. mineralized zone shall be available for a technical block stig (except blocks stig, which are used as a natural road), crossing the 50 hectares of greater fire risk I, II or III class stands volume production (1.1) where soil peat layer not thicker than 0.15 metre. Mineralized band renewed annually and maintain during the period of forest combustible fire position; 31.2.2. restoring the coniferous stands, mētrāj, Silas, and Heather āren lān, as well as the ieaudzēj stands and plantation forests, areas that are larger than five hectares, with the help of the bar mineralized split so that none of them would have more than five hectares. Mineralized band renewed annually and maintains fire period inflammable situation. 31.2.3. in natural forest, in kvartālstig road and ditch the atbērtn, which can be used in fire fighting, each year up to May 1: aligns the rise, which is deeper than 0.25 metres; the harvested land cover and pielūžņojum, which can hinder fire-fighting vehicles; 31.2.4. each year, before 1 may, arranged paths and driveway of fire-fighting ūdensņemšan and staying in the State, to ensure access for fire-fighting vehicles; 31.3. forest road crossing the owner (possessor) each year, before 1 may rise, which is spread out on 0.25 metres. " 4. Supplement with 19.3 points as follows: "31.1 in exceptional cases where, due to the weather the way it managers in the knees held are stated by the movement restrictions and technical conditions of these rules and 31.3 ris are not referred to may be relieved by the rise of the spread out in two weeks time after lifting restrictions, but no later than June 1." 5. Make the paragraph 32 as follows: "32. If the forest owner (possessor) managed forest area, which is larger than 10000 hectares, he developed and each year up to April 1 articulates the forest fire preventive measures. That plan approved by the national forest service. " 6. Supplement with 32.1 and 32.2 points as follows: "forest fire 32.1 preventive measures include: 32.11. the fire protection responsible party list and phone numbers; 32.12. fire-fighting techniques and the use of the inventory; 32.13. plans depicting the forest property scheme in electronic format. The scheme reflects the following objects: 32.13.1. forest blocks network; 32.13.2. Road, passing through woods and marshes; 32.13.3. drainage ditch and watercourse network of bridges; 32.13.4. water inlets and water reservoirs; 32.13.5. mineralized zone; 32.13.6. rest areas; 32.13.7. the breakdown by classes of fire risk (1.1). 32.2. These provisions in the plan referred to in paragraph 32.13 print paper size scale 1:50,000 forest owners shall submit to the national forest service every three years. " 7. Express 21.3. the second sentence of subparagraph by the following: "fire the space left when the fire was extinguished and it's smouldering combustion completely ended;". 8. Replace the words "in paragraph 21.4. lessons" with the word "class". 9. Replace paragraph 21.6., the words "to the forest" with the words "to intercept them. 10. Replace the words "in a tower of youth" with the words "Installer". 11. Make the following paragraph 21.8., "21.8. damage roads, track, bridges, culverts, fire observation towers, other structures and buildings, as well as travel and information signs;". 12. Express and section 35.4 35.3.. by the following: "35.3. burn cutting residue or bonfire: 35.3.1. closer than two metres from growing trees; 35.3.2. places where soil peat layer is thicker than 0.5 metres, except where the burning occurs after a rain or winter period; 35.4. during the period from 1 May to 1 September krautnē (store) piles of digging, stands volume production containing 70% and more coniferous: 35.4.1. stack, if less than 50 metres from 10-40 year old coniferous stands, which is larger in area per hectare; metre radius around the pile that is closer than 30 meters of coniferous stands older than 40 years, is not cut and collected in the undergrowth of the conifers whose height does not exceed six metres. ". 13. To supplement the provisions under section 22.1. the following wording: "35.5. take any other action that may cause a fire." 14. To complement the chapter 4 with 21.8 and 21.9 points as follows: "If this rule 22.0 21.8. pile and referred this provision 35.4.1. stands referred to are at least 10 metres wide roadway route (from the trees free land from one wall to the other forest (opposite) side of the forest, including road grade, novadgrāvj and other infrastructure necessary for road operation), 35.4. these provisions referred to digging residues may be krautnē (store) piles. 35.2 the terms also apply to specially protected natural territories, in so far as their personal protection and terms of use provide otherwise. " 15. To supplement the provisions of this annex with the 1.1 version: 1.1 "annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 17 February 2004, regulations No 82 stands volume production and distribution of forest fire clearing classes no PO box fire hazard class stand or clearing description color code and color model for forest fire forest fire preventive measures red green blue 1. Class I – fire risk increased by 40 years later coniferous stands in all types of forest growing conditions and agricultural land ieaudzēt fir tree plantation forests. Agricultural land ieaudzēt deciduous trees in plantation forests, less than 10 years. In the clearing stands and sil and green 255 0 0 2 at class II-05. high stands and in the clearing, mētrāj, lān Heather and Heather at āren kūdren 255 0 255 3. Class III – medium fire risk in clearing times and damaksn, blue āren, mint āren, blue and Mint kūdren kūdren in class IV-255 255 0 4. low fire risk stands and into the clearing, lopinga, wet, wet damaksn in mētrāj wet into wet, lopinga, Broadleaf kūdren and broad-leaved āren 0 255 0 5 in class V – a very low fire risk and the clearing of forested marshland, the reeds in the Marsh and liekņ, 0 255 255 "in Prime Minister i. Godmanis Minister of Interior Mr Segliņš

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