Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 26 September 2000 By Regulation No 330 "vaccination"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2000.gada 26.septembra noteikumos Nr.330 "Vakcinācijas noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 416 in Riga in 2008 (10 June. Nr. 38) 26 amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 26 September 2000 by Regulation No 330 "vaccination" Issued in accordance with the law of the epidemiological safety article 30 the first, second, third and fifth paragraph of article 31 to make a Cabinet of 26 September 2000 by Regulation No 330 "vaccination" (Latvian journal, 2000, 2001,/; 341.154. No; 2002, 3, nr. 177.; 2003, 167, 183. No; 2006, 87, 193. No; 2007 93. no; 2008, no. 18.) the following amendments: 1. Make the paragraph 2 by the following: "2. the organized and implemented Vaccination vaccination (medical institutions that comply with the regulations set out minimum requirements for medical institutions and their departments and the essential requirements for hygiene and treatment pretepidēmisk treatment)." 2. To supplement the provisions of paragraph 2.1 the following: "2.1 treatment a person can perform the vaccination outside medical authorities, where these rules are provided in paragraph 17 above requirements." 3. Add to subparagraph 3.1., after the word "hepatitis B" with the word "chickenpox". 4. Make paragraph 10 by the following: ' 10. Vaccination authorities: 10.1 finished vaccine order, taking into account the number of persons to be vaccinated and the balance of the existing vaccine, which may not exceed one month vaccination authorities vaccine order. 10.2. each month to the fifth day submitted to the relevant national agency "public health agency" (hereinafter referred to as the public health agency) branch of the order of the vaccine for the current month and a survey of the use of the vaccine in the reference month, filling the vaccine order and report on the use of vaccines in the form (annex 3). If outside the current order requires additional vaccine, vaccination, the authority shall prepare and submit to the appropriate public health branch of the Agency reasoned written request in certain vaccines. That order entry order and review of vaccines for use in the form of vaccines; 10.3. submit to the public health agency's branch following reports on the results of vaccination: 10.3.1. every month to the fifth day (for the previous month) — population immunization (annex 4); 10.3.2. each year up to 10 January (the previous year) – overview of the vaccination calendar within the vaccinated persons (annex 5). " 5. Express 17, 18 and 19 of the following paragraph: "17. Room where vaccination is carried out outside the vaccination authorities located: 17.1. disinfectants and disinfecting of injection site processing; 17.2. disposable syringes and disposable systems solution intravenous injection; 17.3. thermometer, tonometr and fonendoskop; 17.4. anaphylactic shock therapy; 17.5. the tray of vaccine, for the preparation of materials and instruments; 10.9. termokonteiner or aukstumsom with refrigerated (+ 2 ° C to + 8 ° C) for temporary storage of vaccines aukstumelement; 17.7. hand disinfectants, which can be used without washing their hands, if not a washbasin with cold and hot water supply; 11.1. dūrienizturīg container used needles and syringes, the material for the collection. 18. The vaccination, which stored vaccines at the beginning and end of working day, check and record the refrigerator temperature. Temperature recording records stored in one year. 19. the vaccine from fridge, termokonteiner or aukstumsom shall be withdrawn prior to vaccination. The vaccine should not be used if: 19.1. vaccine vials (syringe ampoules or) is not a label; 19.2. the label information is not legible; 19.3. the period of validity of the vaccine; 19.4. the mark is detected non-conformity of the information provided in the content; 19.5. the vaccine vials (syringe ampoules or) is damage; 12.2. the vaccine or diluent found apparent non-compliance with the instructions specified physical characteristics; 19.7. the vaccine is not intended for specific solvent vaccine; 19.8. the suspect or signs of vaccine storage mode. " 6. Delete paragraph 21. 7. Express 27.1. the second sentence of the subparagraph as follows: "by vaccination against yellow fever, according to the international health regulations issued by the international certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis, which completed in English;". 8. Express 3. attachment the following: "3. the Cabinet of Ministers of 26 September 2000 by Regulation No 330 9. Expressions of annex 4 by the following:" 4. in the annex to Cabinet of 26 September 2000 by Regulation No 330 10. Annex 5 shall be expressed by the following: "5. the annex to Cabinet of 26 September 2000 by Regulation No 330 11. Express 6. point 4 of the annex by the following:" 4. the limited liability company "Kronos" ". 12. Express 6. paragraph 10 of the annex by the following: ' 10. State limited liability company "Paul stradins clinical University Hospital". 13. Deletion of annex 7.
Prime Minister i. Godmanis Health Minister Morris I.

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