The Order In Which To Pay The Damages To A Third Party Or Its Property, If It Is Done In The Republic Of Latvia Military Aviation Aircraft Or Civil Aviation Aircraft (Or Departed), Which The Latvian National Armed Forces Used Mi

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā atlīdzina kaitējumu trešajai personai vai tās mantai, ja to nodarījis Latvijas Republikas militārās aviācijas gaisa kuģis vai civilās aviācijas gaisa kuģis (vai no tā atdalījies priekšmets), kuru Latvijas Nacionālie bruņotie spēki izmanto mi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 424 in Riga in 2008 (10 June. No. 38) order in which to pay the damages to a third party or its property, if it is done in the Republic of Latvia military aviation aircraft or civil aviation aircraft (or departed), which the Latvian national armed forces uses the military Issued in accordance with the law "on the air" 97. the first paragraph of article 1. determines the order in which to pay the damages to a third party (hereinafter person) or property If it caused the Latvian military aviation aircraft or civil aviation aircraft (or departed), which the Latvian national armed forces uses the military (the aircraft). 2. If the aircraft caused damage to the person or property of the person makes the application of the Ministry of defence for damages. The application shall specify: 2.1 the applicant's first name, last name, ID number and place of residence, but a legal person – name, registration number and registered office;
2.2. claims indicating the requested reimbursement of the total amount of damage. If you are prompted for the reimbursement of damage more types of injury, showing, for each type of injury damages requested reimbursement amount.
2.3. evidence in support of the person's right to compensation of damage and injury margin. Damage the person proves to the administrative procedure law the means of proof;
2.4. the credit account to which either the reimbursement of damage. 3. Defense Minister after receipt of the application, be established by the Commission. The Commission shall include one representative from the Ministry of defence, the national armed forces, air force and Government agencies ' Civil Aviation Agency "(hereinafter referred to as the Commission). 4. the Commission shall, in the Act on administrative procedures the prescribed period look and examine documents certifying the fact of injury, its causal relationship with exposure, the amount of damages, and shall take a decision on the award of compensation of damage (and about) or on the rejection of the application. The Commission shall inform the person of the decision taken. 5. the Commission shall adopt a decision on the refusal of the application if it finds that the damage caused to the person's intention. 6. Damage assessment and the Commission may call upon specialists and experts and to request from natural and legal persons, as well as the public authorities the decision required information or documents. 7. The provisions referred to in paragraph 4, the Commission decision a person may appeal to the administrative procedure law, submitting the application the Ministry of Defense. 8. If the decision is taken for damages, the Ministry of Defense of its national budget to obtain compensation from the person up to 10 000 lats. 9. If the amount of the reimbursement of damage exceeding 10 000 LVL, about sources of Finance Ministers in the Cabinet. Prime Minister Godmanis I Defense Minister V. the Veldr

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