State Judicial Expert Tuition And Refresher Charges And Refund Procedures

Original Language Title: Valsts tiesu eksperta mācību maksas un kvalifikācijas paaugstināšanas izdevumu segšanas un atmaksāšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 466 Riga, 30 June 2008 (pr. No 44 55) state court expert training and skills and cover the repayment order Issued in accordance with the law of the judicial expert article 18 the fourth part i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. procedures for the national examiner's authority (hereinafter the authority) covers the tuition fees for the national court, the expert (expert) of the post's duties required the acquisition of expertise public accredited higher education institution or educational institution abroad (hereinafter educational institution) and skills;
1.2. tuition fees and skills cover the expenses and reimbursement;
1.3. the order in which the expert released the body school fees and qualifications. 2. the authority and expert contracts cover school fees and refunds and cover skills and sāšan atmak, if the skills of spending more than five of the national minimum monthly wage for the financial year in question. II. Tuition fees cover 3 to request a refund of tuition fees, the expert shall submit a corresponding application to the supervisor of the authority. The application shall specify the educational institution, study programmes (sub) name, and the textbook amount, start time, and duration of study. 4. by paragraph 3 of these regulations in due receipt of the application referred to in the body of the driver was created, the Commission examines the information provided and whether the knowledge that the expert wants to get, they are necessary for the performance of the duties of the position, and give the authorities the driver view. 5. in the light of the provisions referred to in paragraph 4, the Commission's view, the head of the authority within three working days, decide on school fees or refusal to cover the tuition fees. 6. for school fees to cover a certain amount of money, the experts shall provide the authorities of the supervisor the following documents: 6.1 application for tuition fees cover (specify the account to which the credit institution should transfer the refund of tuition fees);
6.2. the education authorities issued a certificate attesting that the expert admitted to the appropriate educational institution (point courses (sub) title), each subsequent school year, the education authorities issued a certificate attesting that the expert has successfully passed the appropriate semester tests and expert does not have academic debt (other than debts that are due to differences in the learning plan, and accepted by the educational institutions specified semester test sort term);
6.3. a certified copy of the document certifying the payment of tuition fees;
6.4. the education authority for the amount of school fees for the year. 7. the authority within 10 working days after the authorities issued a written order of the head of school fees shall cover the amount referred to in the order for the specified account a credit expert. III. Skills 8 cover skills is: 8.1 the fee for courses, seminars or lectures in Latvia or abroad;
8.2. the fee for a judicial expert qualification on each of the following judicial expert specialty, if expert sent the relevant qualification on the basis of the authority of the head of the order;
8.3. travel expenses. 9. These provisions 8.1 the fee provided for in point a shall be borne by the institution on the basis of the invoice issued by the organiser of the training. 10. To get to the bottom of these provisions provided for in paragraph 8.2. to cover a certain amount of money, the experts shall provide the authority with the following documents: driver 10.1. application for reimbursement of expenditure relating to the qualifications of the relevant courses, seminars or lectures (specify the account to which the credit institution has to be transferred to the said expenditure);
10.2. a copy of the contract (the original show) on training expert specialty;
10.3. supporting documents for payments. 11. the authority within 10 working days after the written order of the head of the institution is issued for this rule 8.3. referred to shall cover the amount referred to in the order for the specified account, experts in the credit institution (excluding expenditure for which payment authority seconding experts to the qualifications in the service provider's invoice issued). IV. Training and refresher expenses authority 12. If it eliminates the authority of an expert or experts post removed by health reasons, which represents health and uptime of expertise doctor the opinion of the Commission, expert tuition and qualifications for expenses not refunded. 13. the expert from the post and who after completion of education or skills worked in the institution for less than five years, released the body they would cover the cost of training and qualifications of the expenses in full. 14. the skills expert authority expenditure shall not be refunded if the amount is not more than five of the national minimum monthly wage for the financial year in question. 15. Training and refresher expenses borne by the authority, the authority of experts are repaid in full within three months of his release from Office or from the date on which the expert without valid reason, stopped at an educational or training qualifications. 16. If the expert does not reimburse the institutions covered tuition fees and the costs of skills within these regulations, the authority shall recover the amounts concerned in civil procedure. 17. If the expert in accordance with these rules shall repay the authority in its cover the tuition fees and expenses it skills in the financial year in which it has covered, repay the amount of money credited to the budget of the authority concerned. In other cases, the amount of money refunded, with the exception of foreign financial assistance funds cover tuition fees, including State budget revenues. 18. If the expert in accordance with these provisions, tuition fees refunded or skills which the authority covered the expenses of foreign financial assistance, including the amount of the Authority's budget for training or other experts returned to the granting of funding. The Prime Minister's site-traffic Minister a. shlesers Justice Minister g. Smith