National Nogabal Of Subsoils "dobele Structure" Terms Of Use

Original Language Title: Valsts nozīmes zemes dzīļu nogabala "Dobeles struktūra" izmantošanas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 524 Riga, July 7, 2008 (pr. No 46 37) national land nogabal "deep structure" Dobele terms of use are Issued in accordance with the law "on Earth" article 10 eighth 1. determines the national significance of the subsoils of Dobele structure "nogabal" (nogabal). 2. the Nogabal area is 99.2 square kilometers. Within the framework of the Nogabal and the management of certain of these provisions of the coordinates in the annex. 3. These provisions shall not apply to mineral extraction, recreation and tourism activities, material procurement, palaeontological and mineralogical geological collection. 4. Nogabal the properties of subsoils valid research (research) allowed to perform after the Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency (hereinafter the Agency) received a license for nogabal research (hereinafter referred to as the exploration licence). 5. to identify the recipient research licence, the Agency shall hold the contest and the contest rules developed. The invitation to tender shall include the following criteria: 5.1 the applicant experience prospecting work;
5.2. personnel qualified in geological research;
5.3. technical support prospecting work;
5.4. research program, including research volumes and deadlines;
5.5. the contract for the civil works insurance (it being). 6. Information that describes the structure of the geological and nogabal contestants needed research programs creation, be prepared and issued by the Agency. 7. the Agency shall not issue a license for one of the research studies of the whole nogabal. 8. You receive a research license, licensee's representative present: 8.1. document confirming the license recipient's representative to receive a license for exploration licenses on behalf of the beneficiary;
8.2. the document certifying the payment of State fees for the exploration licence. 9. the trial license has the following attachments: 9.1. subsoils exploration conditions;
9.2. the conditions of the order and the time limit within which the licensee shall submit to the Agency a prospecting in nogabal findings, samples and information;
9.3. prospecting for area map or plan and coordinates the management of Latvia's geodetic coordinate system LKS92TM. 10. the nogabal research, licensees be permitted to steer izsūknēto of ground water surface and ground water horizons. 11. Without the written consent of the Agency prohibited the installation of borehole nogabal, deeper than 500 feet. 12. The land owner or legal possessor, which contracted for research (hereinafter referred to as the land owner) must not restrict or interfere with the research. On the research of the place and time of carrying out the licensee the landowner concerned shall be informed in writing at least two weeks before work. 13. Agricultural land, the planned research work to be conducted during a period when these areas not occupied by crops or when crops are possible, as well as respecting the conservation of Natura 2000 and other specially protected natural areas in General and individual protection and terms of use. 14. After completing the research work licensee arranges the land area to be valid for use according to the type of land use. 15. The licence of subsoils valid properties for use shall be issued when the nogabal geological researched enough to be able to start this exercise, and survey data have been examined and accepted by the Agency. 16. Local authorities in whose territory the nogabal, 18 months after the entry into force of these regulations shall make the necessary adjustments to the design area. 17. Until the date of entry into force of rules for licenses issued in the subsoils prospecting and valid properties of subsoils, whose license area is located within the nogabal are valid until their expiry or cancellation, the law "on Earth". 18. Exploration licenses throughout the area down the nogabal territory, except those referred to in paragraph 17 of the rules of the licence areas to its expiry or cancellation, the law "on Earth". Prime Minister i. Godmanis Environment Minister r. vējonis annex Cabinet on July 7, 2008. Regulations No 524 national nogabal of subsoils "Dobele structure" scheme and boundaries at the coordinates I. Border scheme (II). No PO box at the coordinates of the X coordinate Y coordinate of the frontier post of 1.1 270143.6 432974.2 2 271721.6 432430.2 2 272688.0 432592.4 3 3 4 4 5 5 275022.7 434074.6 273555.9 433001.5.6.6 277173.7 436168.2 7 280030.4 440203.8 8 279934.6 446808.5 7 8 9 9 10 10 279678.6 447609.7.
279149.4 448168.0 11 278439.6 448263.1 12 12 11 13 13 14 276508.9 447855.5 277581.1 448154.4.275407.8 447273.1.274106.0 445622.0.14 15 15 16 16 17 17 270984.1 438492.0 272409.2 442328.9.18.18 270034.0 434052.2 at the coordinates specified in the Latvian coordinate system LKS92TM.
Minister for the environment r. vējonis

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