Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 27 December 2011 Rules No 1032 "landfill Installation, Landfill And Dump Management, Closing And Conditioning Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2011. gada 27. decembra noteikumos Nr. 1032 "Atkritumu poligonu ierīkošanas, atkritumu poligonu un izgāztuvju apsaimniekošanas, slēgšanas un rekultivācijas noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 621 Riga 2015 3. November (pr. No 57 17. §) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 27 December 2011 rules no 1032 "landfill installation, landfill and dump management, closing and conditioning rules" Issued under the waste management Act, article 12, paragraph 6, second subparagraph, and article 22, paragraph 2, second subparagraph to make Cabinet 27 December 2011 rules no 1032 "landfill installation, landfill and dump management , closing and conditioning rules "(Latvian journal, 2011, no. 205) the following amendments: 1. To supplement, on the basis of the provisions of the Act, issued after the word" law "with numbers and the words" the second subparagraph of article 12, paragraph 6 and of ". 2. Supplement with 1.3. subparagraph by the following: "1.3. conditioning of closed dumps and dump rekultivēt to its atrakšan for repeated conditioning and waste regraded, including requirements for the monitoring of such dumps and maintenance after conditioning." 3. Add to section 7.1.7. section behind the words "the provisions of the plan" with the words "if it is confirmed." 4. Replace paragraph 9, the words "technical project" with the words "minimum construction form and construction". 5. Replace paragraph 10, the words "technical project" with the words "construction of minimal composition". 6. To express the points 11 and 12 as follows: "11. developing a construction site minimum composition and construction, these rules take into account chapter 3 requirements in civil design of the site. 12. construction of the site is carried out in accordance with the construction of the regulatory requirements of the law. " 7. Delete paragraph 13. 8. To make the title of Chapter 3 by the following: "3. the requirements for the landfill civil design". 9. Delete paragraph 15. 10. Add to 46 after the first sentence of the paragraph a new sentence as follows: "decisions for disposal in a landfill waste imported from the dumps, shut the operator recorded a separate log in." 11. Add to 4.1. subheading with 56.1 points by the following: "Before the dump atrakšan and 56.1 the waste of work regraded the operator shall ensure that, when these jobs are not contaminated groundwater monitoring through preset drilling that delimit or swab." 12. To make the title of Chapter 5 by the following: "5. the closure of the landfill and parts and conditions closed landfills, parts and dump sites". 13. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph with 70.1 and 70.2: "70.1 After regional environmental administration decision on landfill, dump closing part or at forbidden to bury new waste. 70.2 Operator ensures that the landfill closed, its part or not to dump access of unauthorized persons. " 14. Delete paragraph 71. 15. Adding to the title of Chapter 6, after the word "Polygon" with the words "this part". 16. To supplement the rules by 77.1 points by the following: "After atrakšan and 77.1 dumps the waste end of works of regraded operator dumps conditioning." 17. Make 79, 80 and 81 of this.: 79. "closed the landfill, parts of it or dump the initiation of civil design of conditioning additional ports, waterworks, gas heating and other not classified būvnoteikumo, engineering structures in those documents are required: 79.1. the local authorities concerned and the competent authorities of the decision on the part of the landfill or dump; 79.2. waste disposal site initial state profile, if available; 79.3. information on the composition of the waste and disposal; 49.3. information on the territory of the geological and hydrogeological conditions; 49.4., part of the landfill or dump site monitoring data. 80. A closed landfill, its parts or construction of conditioning of the dump, the minimum composition and development projects under construction regulatory requirements and the laws according to the closed landfill, parts of it or dump category in accordance with the provisions referred to in paragraph 85 of the conditioning. 81. A closed landfill, its parts or dumps conditioning is carried out in accordance with the regional waste management plan, if it is approved, construction of the regulatory laws and requirements of the shipbuilding and conversion of closed landfill or dump category in accordance with the provisions referred to in paragraph 85 of the conditioning conditions. " 18. To supplement the provisions of the following paragraph 82.1: "taking a dump of conditioning 82.1 after atrakšan and waste sorting work, comply with the following conditions: 1. all šķiroto 82.1 waste is transported for disposal the waste management landfill in the region; 2. ensure that 82.1 landfill created above monitoring drilling operations and the future of tamponēt monitoring a borehole; 3. the area covered with 82.1 at least 10 cm thick layer of soil or compost and laying down its greening or covered with other materials according to the planning the use of the territory. " 19. Replace the words "in paragraph 83 laws on adoption of the structure in operation" by the words "of waterworks, heat the port, gas and other, not classified separately, engineering structures …". 20. in paragraph 85 of the following expressions: "85. Administration determines the maintenance and monitoring of the duration of that rekultivēt to dump for not less than 20 years, rekultivēt to a landfill or part of not less than 30 years and for its atrakšan to the rekultivēt landfill and waste is not regraded less than five years, taking into account the rekultivēt dump, landfill or part of it potential environmental impact Monitoring at dumps. , landfill or part of it is carried out in accordance with this provision of the conditioning of annex 5. " 21. Supplement with 85.1 points as follows: "the maintenance of the territory stay includes 85.1, according to fire safety requirements, the surface of the landfill cover insulating storage maintenance in the right condition, leachate collection, storage, pre-treatment, disposal and removal, monitoring and landfill gas and leachate collection of equipment systems according to the technical condition of the territory stay around monitoring sites, providing access to them." 22. Replace paragraph 86, the words "management control" with the word "maintenance". 23. Amend paragraph 87, the words "control and monitoring". The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of the Newsletters of the protection of the environment and regional development Minister David Gerhard

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