Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 30 March 2004, The Regulation No 218 "plant Quarantine Rules"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2004. gada 30. marta noteikumos Nr. 218 "Augu karantīnas noteikumi"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 665 in Riga on 24 November 2015 (pr. No 62 24) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 30 March 2004, the Regulation No 218 "plant quarantine regulations" Issued under the plant protection act article 5, paragraph 1, to make the Cabinet of 30 March 2004, the Regulation No 218 "plant quarantine rules" (Latvian journal, 2004, 65, nr. 180.; 2005, 44, 100, 159. No; 2006, 34, 89. No; 2007, nr. 201.183., no; 2008; 2009 , 26, 63, 198. no; 2010, no. 41; 2011, No 11; 2014, no 104, 215.) the following amendments: 1. Express 19.1 point as follows: "the representative of the Freight 19.1 at least 24 hours before these provisions of annex 1, part B plants, plant products and contact with them came the arrival of the goods through the border crossing point of these provisions fill in annex 18." in the first paragraph of information about goods ' required information and using information systems traces (Trade Control and expert system), electronic mail or fax It sends food and Veterinary Service Department for border entry points. Freight agent is responsible for the specified message and the authenticity of the documents attached. " 2. Delete paragraph 20. 3. Replace paragraph 28 and 32, the words "goods by the importer or owner of the place of receipt of the goods or the holder" with the words "representative" of the load. 4. Make the following paragraph 25: ' 25. Imported plants, plant products and plant health items in contact controls carried out at the point of entry to the food and veterinary service officer who has the required qualifications in the field of plant protection. Finished goods-phytosanitary control, the point of entry to the food and veterinary service officer issued the rule in annex 18 of the document (CHED-PPA). " 5. Supplement with 28.50 point as follows: "the customs officer 28.50 allowed customs-approved treatment or use in accordance with the food and veterinary service and the service of the decision taken by the Inspector on these rules that the plants, plant products and contact with them in control of the subject." 6. To express the point 47 by the following: "47. The plant passport is valid: 29.3. two years of plant passport number of the party specified in the vegetation period November 1-plants with Latvia manufactured plant passports; 47.2. the two years of the plant passport or at the time of entry specified in the accompanying document, which Latvia has been imported from another country; 47.3. the plant passport number given in the end of the calendar year-plant products. " 7. Supplement with 29.3 points as follows: "29.3 to spread, which is the end of the validity period of a plant passport, you need to get the rules referred to in paragraph 40 of the authorization for use of plant passports." 8. Delete paragraph 79. 9. Express 1. in part A of annex I, Chapter 2.1. subparagraph by the following: "2.1. plants intended for planting (other than Gramineae Graminea species intended for planting of plants, seeds, bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers) of Abies Mill., baltegļ fragrant celery Apium graveolens l., Argyranthem., argirantēm of the asparagus spp. Asparagus officinalis l., aster Aster spp., Brassica spp., Brassica chestnut castanea Mill., Cucumis spp., cucumber Chrysanthemum Dendranthem (DC.) Des Moul., Dianthus l. of Carnation plants and hybrids of the genus, Exact spp., strawberry Fragaria l., Gerbera Cass., of Gerber ģipseņ l., Gypsophil all of sprigaņ of New Guinea hybrids Impatiens l., varieties of lettuce Lactuca spp., Larix Mill., larch-Leucanthem l., of Daisies grew Lupin Lupinus l., pelargonij of Pelargonium l ' Hérit. Ex AIT., Spruce Picea a. Dietr., Pinus l. pine, Sycamore Platanus l., Populus l., leaf of cherry Laurel Prunus lauroceras l., lusitanic Portuguese cherry Prunus l., Pseudotsuga Carr., of the Douglas oak Quercus l., BlackBerry Rubus l., spinach Spinacia l., tansy, hemlokegļ of Tanacet of l. Carr of the Tsug. Verbena l. Verbena L. l. and the genus of grasses and other plants of the genera; ". 10. Replace annex 1, part A, section II, point 1.10.1. the words "(excluding wood)" with the words "(except the wood without bark)". 11. Make part B of annex 1, chapter I, paragraph 1 by the following: "1. Plants intended for planting, other than seeds but including Brassica (Crucifera), Gramineae (Graminea) and clover Trifolium spp. genus seeds originating in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, New Zealand and Uruguay, wheat Triticum Secale, rye and Triticale × Triticosecale genus seeds originating in Afghanistan, the United States, South Africa, India, Iraq, Iran, Mexico, Nepal and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, citrus citrus l., fortunella Swingle and Poncirus Raf. and their hybrid seeds and paprika Capsicum spp., summer sunflower Helianthus annuus l., tomato, Solanum lycopersicum l. sowing alfalfa Medicago sativa l., Prunus l. plum, BlackBerry Rubus l., Oryza spp., rice, maize Zea mais l., Allium of shallots ascalonicum l., Garden onion Allium CEPA l., Allium porrum l. leek, chives-Allium schoenoprasum l. and Phaseolus l. Bean. " 12. Replace annex 1 of part B of chapter I, paragraph 6.2., the word "species" with the word "genus". 13. Make part B of annex 1, chapter I, paragraph 9 by the following: "9. Wheat Triticum Secale, rye and Triticale × Triticosecale, grain originating in Afghanistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Nepal, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, South Africa and the United States." 14. Deletion of annex 2, the words "Republic of Latvia Ministry of agriculture". 15. the supplement to annex 3 of chapter I of part A of the "a" section with 17.1 points as follows: "the undecimpunctat of the undecimpunctat of Diabrotica 17.1 Mannerheim". 16. Replace annex 6, part A, section I, point 2, the words "coniferous Coniferales wood" with the words "conifers Coniferales". 17. Replace annex 6 of chapter II of part A of paragraph 2, the word "Scrirrhi" with the name "Scirrhi". 18. Replace annex 6, part A, section II, paragraph 10, the words ' Persea spp. the species ' with the words ' Persea spp. the genus ". 19. Supplement with 18. attachment (attachment). Prime Minister, Minister of the Prime Minister's duties, traffic Executive Richard Kozlovsk by John Dūklav of Agriculture Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture presented the attachment Cabinet 24 November 2015 the Regulation No. 665 "annex 18. Cabinet of Ministers of 30 March 2004, the Regulation No 218 Minister of agriculture John Dūklav

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