The Ministry Of The Interior System Of College Financing

Original Language Title: Iekšlietu ministrijas sistēmas koledžu finansēšanas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 690 Riga 2016 October 25 (Mon. No 57 7) the Ministry of the Interior system of college funding rules Issued in accordance with article 7 of the Law School's 2.2 part i. General questions 1. determines the system of the Ministry of the Interior of the existing College (College): 1.1 funding arrangements; 1.2. the student self-government funding arrangements; 1.3. academic staff (except for officials with special ranks) (hereinafter referred to as the academic staff) remuneration arrangements. 2. the Rules implemented in the financial year concerned, the Ministry of the Interior for the State budget. II. the financing of College 3. College financial resources comprise: 3.1. part of a grant from the general revenue assigned to the Ministry of the Interior, respectively, crime, public order and security protection of the rights and legitimate interests, national border security, fire protection, fire-fighting, rescue and civil protection, to the extent to cover college expenses associated with staff (including student (student)) remuneration, vocational training program and refresher course implementation , research, student self-government funding, other relevant proposals for the College functions and tasks, as well as the European Union's policy instruments and co-financing funded projects and implementation of measures; 3.2. income from paid services provided by the College in accordance with laws and regulations for the service price lists and other own revenue; 3.3. foreign financial assistance for the implementation of certain measures; 3.4. the transfer of certain measures; 3.5. donations and gifts. 4. College financial resources and expenditure plan to the Ministry of the Interior system of the institutions of the Administration in the budget (sub), which is the relevant authority of the College. College shall prepare and approve the individual financing plan. 5. With college expenses relating to the activities of other departments of the Ministry of the Interior the authority according to the rules laid down in the functions and tasks of the it budget administrētaj programs (programmes) (for example, expenditure on information and communication technologies, and building maintenance and management, the purchase of uniforms). 6. the number of teachers when planning for that financial year, take into account: 6.1. vocational training programme scope and content; 6.2. projected skills (professional development and adult informal education program) course in scope and content; 6.3. the student (student) seats in the vocational training programme and the condition that the training group, it may not be less than 18 (with the exception of the professional specialisation training group); 6.4. the teachers ' workload, set out according to the respective programme of vocational training and qualifications (professional development and adult informal education program) course, as well as methodical work, research and other types of work. Educator workload in the spheres of responsibilities and their amount is determined by the Interior Minister. 7. Planning expenses remuneration of teachers for that financial year, taking into account: 7.1 in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 6 of the calculated the required number of teachers; 7.2. in accordance with these rules 10, 11 and 13 set out the amount of the remuneration of academic staff, as well as in accordance with the laws and regulations in the field of remuneration specified the amount of College educators-officials with special ranks. III. Student self-government funding 8. Student Self-Government under the plan of events organised for that financial year shall be financed from: 8.1 College awarded grants from general revenue 8.54 eur per Studio space in the year multiplied by the number of years of study; 8.2. donations and donations received for this purpose. 9. Student Government funding for resources (revenue) expenses and expenditure plan and held as a separate event.  IV. Academic staff of 10 Monthly remuneration for academic staff workload, set under the legislative act on teacher pay, must not be lower than the regulatory act on teachers ' pay down the amount, not exceeding the direct State administration officials (employees) of the posts following a wage groups set the maximum monthly salary about institutions subordinated to the Ministry of: 10.1. associate – 11. monthly salary group. 10.2. the lecturer: 10. salary group. 10.3. the Assistant-8. salary group. 11. Academic staff salary shall be determined, subject to the following criteria: individual evaluation 11.1. get training or a degree; 11.2 seniority and teaching of the pasniedzam object (rate) according to the practice in the length of service (years) total. 12. Academic staff salary, subject to the provisions of paragraphs 10 and 11 above, the conditions determined by the Director of the College. 13. Allowances, bonuses and cash awards, as well as social guarantees academic staff shall be determined and the corresponding expenditure plans in accordance with national and local government bodies and officials of employee remuneration conditions laid down in the law. Prime Minister Māris kučinskis Interior Minister Richard Kozlovsk a