The Academy Of Arts Of Latvia Constitutional Amendments

Original Language Title: Par Latvijas Mākslas akadēmijas Satversmes grozījumiem

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: The Latvian Art Academy, a constitutional amendment to article 1. The Latvian Academy of Arts the constitutional meeting of 6 March 2008 adopted in the Latvian Art Academy, a constitutional amendment to this law is approved.
2. article. To put the law in Latvian Art Academy, a constitutional amendment.
The law adopted by the Parliament of 2009. on 23 April.
The President of the Parliament instead of the President g. Many Riga 13 May 2009. Editorial Note: the law shall enter into force on 27 May 2009.
Adopted by the Latvian Academy of Arts the constitutional meeting of 6 March 2008 in the Latvian Art Academy, a constitutional amendment to make the Academy of Arts of Latvia Constitution (the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2003, no. 15) follows: 1. Replace throughout the text, the words "the arbitral tribunal" (the fold) with the words "academic Tribunal" (the fold).
2. Replace the entire text, the word "financial" (fold) with the word "financial" (fold).
3. Add to the preamble, with a new paragraph as follows: "19 June 2003, the Academy's Charter was approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia."
4. paragraph 1 shall be expressed by the following: "1. the Academy is higher education, scientific research, art, creativity and cultural institutions. The legal basis for the activities of the Academy is the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, the Education Act, the law of scientific activity, the University law, the Constitution and other laws of the Republic of Latvia. "
5. paragraph 2 shall be expressed as follows: "2. the objective of the Academy is to develop comprehensive higher education, arts and science, strengthening the artistic creativity and research unity and continuity, and the Studio to promote the art and visual culture of the democratic role of modern Latvia."
6. Make paragraph 6 by the following: "6. the Academy is derived public person; It has its own stamp with the Republic of Latvia the small coat-of-arms image and its own flag.
The Academy flag description: Obverse: green field grey ribbons and flame theme commit Blue Shield with a diagonal placement of logs (šķērsjosl) white. The name of the University shield the initials "LM". Earth shield: wall and the national flag colors of Ribbon, as well as a full University name "Latvian Art Academy".
Reverse: a green field yellow letters embroidered in Latin "nulla dies sine Linea" (no day without a line). "
7. paragraph 12: replace the words "for two years" with the words "three years";
replace the words "and the number not less than 15% student representatives" with the words "and the number not less than 20% student representatives".
8. Make the paragraph 14 14 9.1. bottom point and by the following: ' 14.6. elected by the Audit Commission and its members shall be repealed;
14.7. elected by the academic staff representatives in arbitration and repealing its academic members; ".
9. Make the following paragraph 16: "the Senate of the Academy 16:16.1. academic staff representatives — not less than 75 percent;
16.2. learners who shall be elected by the Academy's student authority, — no less than 20 percent. "
10. Express 22 the following: "22. Academy Advisor Convention established under the initiative of the Senate of the Academy or the Minister of education and science. Advisor to the President of the Convention shall be convened by it or not less than third of the Convention's members. "
11. Make the following paragraph 23: "23. Advisor to the Convention's rules and its members approve the Senate. If the establishment of the Convention requires the Minister, he has the right to appoint the President of the Convention, and to 50 percent of members of the Convention. "
12. Make 25 as follows: "25. Academy Rector elected by the Professor or the person who has a doctoral degree. Rector elected by the constituent Assembly of the Academy for five years, and no more than two times in a row, under Academy rules adopted by the Senate on Rector election. "
13. To supplement the Constitution with the 27.1 point as follows: "Rector 27.1 succeed administrative acts or actual action University staff can challenge the academic Tribunal. Academic arbitration decision may be appealed to the Court of Justice of the administrative procedure law. Persons who are not staff of the University, the Rector would administrative or actual action may be challenged in the Ministry of education and science. The Ministry's decision may be appealed to the Administrative Court of law. "
14. paragraph 32 make the first sentence by the following: "32. Constitutional meeting of the Academy for three years, by secret ballot, the Audit Commission is elected."
15. Express 34 as follows: "34. The Academy is an academic Tribunal, which operates three persons, of whom two shall be elected for a period of three years the constitutional meeting of the academic staff. The academic composition of the Arbitration Board may not be representative of the administrative staff of the Academy. Student representative from the Academy student mid academic in the Tribunal shall be elected for three years, the Academy's student authority. "
16. Make 35 as follows: ' 35. Academic Tribunal examine the student and academic staff applications for academic freedom set out in the Constitution and the law, restrictions and violations, disputes between officials of the Academy, and between departments in the relationship, as well as other issues falling within its competence, in accordance with the University law. "
17. Put 36 as follows: "36. Academic arbitration decisions, subject to the approval of the Senate, runs the Academy administration."
18. the express 37 as follows: "37. Academic members of the Tribunal on their activities in response to the constitutional meeting. Academic member of the Tribunal or its constituent assembly reference by the Senate or 2/3 the constitutional meeting request or the Academy student self-government of student representatives at the request of withdrawal. "
19. Make 38 as follows: "38. The employer's initiative for academic members of the work of the arbitral tribunal may be released only with the consent of the constituent Assembly."
20. paragraph 41 be expressed as follows: "41. the activity of the Administrative Commission and the composition of the Senate approved the Statute, for the student's own participation of governance."
21. Replace paragraph 44, the number "15" with the number "20".
22. Put the title of chapter III, the following: "(iii). The Academy departments, colleges, institutions and commercial companies".
23. Express 45 as follows: "45. the structure of the Academy: 45.1. the Department;
45.2. the workshop (Professor);
45.3. Workshop (Professor);
28.2. the Faculty;
28.3. Chapter;
45.6. scientific laboratory;
28.4. training laboratory;
28.5. the Institute;
28.5. Scientific Institute;
45.10. branch. "
24. Make 46 as follows: "46. The Academy departments establish, reorganise and eliminates the Senate. Unit tasks, functions and rights determined by the Senate approved regulations. "
25. the express section 51.4. the following wording: "Chair's 51.4. confirmation or cancellation procedures and other requirements for the operation of the Department."
26. To replace the words "paragraph 52 created specific" with the words "created a specific".
27. Express 53 by the following: "53. Workshop provides the know how of the industry sub-sectors to sl professional and academic development of study Diploma student."
28. Make 59 the following: "59. The Academy's workshop is the unit, which was created with the aim to organize specialisation courses in Visual plastic art and design direction, their specialisation in practice or technology aspects."
29. Make 65. paragraph by the following: "65. scientific laboratory of the Academy is the Department, whose main task is to research opportunities for the operation of the Academy of plastic arts, Visual design, the art of science and cultural theory. The Academy's Learning Lab is a Department whose main task is to study the process and ensuring the functioning of the Academy of plastic arts, Visual design, the art of science and cultural theory. "
30. Make 66 as follows: "66. Scientific laboratories or laboratories governed by the Senate approved rules that define: 66.1. scientific laboratories or laboratories creation principles;
66.2. the scientific role of the laboratory or laboratory studies of the Academy of artistic creativity and the structure of the scientific research work;
66.3. scientific laboratories or laboratories to conduct necessary scientific and professional criteria and a three-year management period;
66.4. scientific laboratory or laboratory confirmation or withdrawal of the head of the agenda in the Senate. "
31. paragraph 67 of the expression as follows:

"chapter 67 is the Faculty of the Department of the Academy are created when the relevant field of study it is not possible to satisfy the requirements concerning the scientific potential. Chapter combines specialization departments of creativity and research. The Department's main role is to organise and manage the process of study and study program of General and academic part of special parts. The Department has no right to elect faculty. "
32. Put 68 as follows: "68. Chapter is headed by a Chief who is accountable to the Senate and Rector of his study of the section quality, organizational compliance with the Constitution of the Academy of work, as well as timely and accurate with studying the provision of related information for the management of the Academy."
33. Make 70 as follows: "70. Scientific Institute is a Department of the Academy, formed on the Academy's research, academic and professional potential of the base and participate in the implementation of the programmes of study of the Academy. In the scientific activity of the Institute of the Academy's main role is to promote and develop scientific research in the art industry subsectors, as well as to the cultural processes and the labour market research related work.
Institute established by the Senate after the Rector's proposal, but reorganize or disposed of by the Rector or the Senate. The final decision on the liquidation or reorganization of the Senate shall be adopted.
The Scientific Institute of the financing arrangements laid down by the Senate, the financial and business activity monitoring functions carried out the Audit Commission.
The scientific activities of the Institute is approved by the Scientific Institute of the Senate rules, which determine: 70.1. the Scientific Institute of the principles, objectives, activities, rights and obligations;
70.2. the Scientific Institute funding arrangements;
70.3. Scientific Institute to conduct the necessary academic, scientific and professional criteria;
43.7. the Scientific Manager of the Institute approval or cancellation of order in the Senate;
70.5. reorganization of the Scientific Institute and the winding-up procedure. "
34. Make 71 the following: "71. the Institute is a Department of the Academy, formed on the Academy's research, academic and professional potential of the base and participate in the implementation of the programmes of study of the Academy. The Institute's activities is the Senate approved the Statute of the Institute, which provides: 71.1. Institute principles, objectives, activities, rights and obligations;
71.2. the financing arrangements of the Institute;
71.3. the management of the Institute the necessary academic, scientific and professional criteria;
71.4. driving Institute approval or cancellation of order in the Senate;
the reorganization of the Institute and 71.5. winding-up procedure. "
35. Replace paragraph 72, second sentence, the word "branch" with the word "branch".
36. To make 74 as follows: "74." the Academy's objectives in accordance with the University Senate law, Government facilities, associations and foundations Act, the law may establish, reorganize or eliminate colleges, societies, foundations, institutions. The Charter or the Statute shall be adopted by the Senate. Colleges implemented the first level professional higher education programs and give the student the opportunity to get a fourth level of professional qualification. First level professional higher education programme implementation time is two to three years, and to acquire the persons who acquired secondary education. "
37. paragraph 75 of the following expressions: "75. staff of the Academy: 75.1. the academic staff-academic positions in the Academy elected officers;
75.2. the overall University staff;
75.3. full-time undergraduate, graduate student named, PhD. "
38. Make 77. paragraph by the following: "77. The Academy staff is directly responsible for the performance of his duties, and the constituent Assembly and Senate approved internal rules. Academy staff are obliged to report to the Senate, if the Senate requires it. "
39. Make 82 as follows: "82. Academy of academic staff have the right to: 82.1. annual paid leave of eight weeks;
82.2. every six years — paid six calendar months research leave from employment;
82.3. once get paid three months long study leave, doctoral thesis preparation;
Associate Professor 82.4. Professor or Assistant Professor in one election at a time — to unpaid leave of up to 24 months, to work as a visiting guest lecturer or other colleges. "
40. the express 83. paragraph by the following: "83. Academy works for the Betterment of the Council. Its mission is the Academy's academic staff qualifications, scientific research, creative and pedagogical work assessment and the award of the degree of doctor. Dissertation Council acts in accordance with the regulations approved by the Senate of the Academy. "
41. the express 85 as follows: "85. Through open competition to the Academy, Professor or Associate Professor position, is created in the Art Academy of science, Professor of the art sector Council, which shall consist of two thirds of the professors of the Academy and is one-third the industry Professor and professional associations representatives who do not work in the Academy."
42. off 88 points.
43. Make 89 the following: "89. Academy of the Senate has the right to grant Emeritus Professor title of retired professors or associate professors on the special contribution to higher education in art, design and cultural areas."
44. To make 90. point as follows: "90. Professor of the Academy is your art sector internationally recognized expert who performed the modern University objectives and level, individual-oriented research in artistic creation, design, cultural theory or science, in order to ensure a high quality of teaching service."
45. Replace 91, the word "where" with the word "which".
46. in paragraph 92 of the following expression: ' 92. Academy Professor elected by open competition for six years, and the Academy closed with her contract of employment for the entire election period. "
47. the express 94. paragraph by the following: "94. Associate Professor of the Academy is your art sector internationally recognized expert who performed the modern university level and objectives of research in artistic creation, design or science, in order to ensure a high quality of teaching service."
48. paragraph 98 of the following expression: ' 98. Assistant Professor of the Academy is the recognized expert in the arts sector who made artistic innovation or research work in his specialty. "
49. paragraphs 102 to express the following: "102. Academy lecturers, assistants, leading researchers and scholars pursuing research and educational work in the arts sector."
50. Make 104 as follows: "104. the right to study in the Academy is for each citizen of the Republic of Latvia, as well as persons whose right to study in universities in the field of higher education determines the regulatory laws."
51. the express section 105.1. by the following: "host rules 105.1. that meet the requirements, criteria and procedures which are defined according to the University Act and other existing higher education regulatory regulations;".
52. To make 110. paragraph by the following: "110. Persons may be excluded from the student list, eksmatrikulē when: 110.1. the same wants it;
110.2. the reception is established that is affected by the deception, bribery or other actions, that infringed the principle of equal treatment of tenderers;
110.3. the deadlines set by the Academy has not passed the necessary tests or have not taken the other Studio tasks;
110.4. it has violated the Academy's internal rules. "
53.111. point be expressed as follows: "111. persons excluded from the student list Vice-Rector of the Academy made or Dean. Appeals of the Academy for the Senate. The Academy's decision may be appealed to the Senate academic arbitration. "
54.112. points to express the following: "112. Academy students have the authority, acting in accordance with the law and the University Senate approved the regulations of the Academy. The student self-government of the Academy's budget is funded to the extent of not less than the statutory University. "
55. off 115 points.
56. paragraphs 116 to express the following: 116. "the Academy property: movable and immovable 116.1. property donated to it, which it inherited or acquired by it on own resources;
116.2. State budget funds for the purchase of goods;
116.3. intellectual property of the Academy.
Academy of real estate in the land as recordable Academy property.

The Academy may hold funds in Latvia and abroad, in accordance with the existing higher education regulatory laws. The Academy do with your property specified in the Constitution. The Academy's possession or use of the released State property management order and use this property controls the national institutions in accordance with the higher education regulations governing. "
57. the express section 120.3. the following wording: "to make the Academy profile 120.3. According to economic activity, which is included in the income of the Academy in its development budget, as well as to invest the funds in other businesses obtained according to the objectives of the Academy."
58. in paragraph 124 of the following expressions: "124. Decision on reorganization or liquidation of the Academy shall be adopted by the Cabinet Minister of education and science or by the Minister of culture. The order of the Cabinet of Ministers project on the reorganization or the liquidation of the Academy attached to the opinion of the Council of higher education. If the order of the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Minister of culture of the project, this project is aligned well with the Minister of education and science. "