The Amendments To The Law On Scientific Activities

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Zinātniskās darbības likumā

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Read the untranslated law here:

The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law on scientific activities do scientific activities Act (Republic of Latvia Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2005, nr. 10; 2007, 15. no; 2009, no 2) follows: 1. Replace the words "the whole law of National Education Inspection" (fold) with the words "quality public services" (fold).
2. Turn off 1.1 of article 14.
3. Express article 16 paragraph 3 by the following: "3 to the scientific activities) national budget allocations in the order of the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as opinions about the State budget allocated funds for scientific efficiency;".
4. Supplement article 17, the first part of paragraph 4 by the following: ' 4) to hire employees in the operation of its current year budget funds allocated to the State. "
5. To supplement the law with article 18.1 as follows: "article 18.1. Study and science Administration (1) the study and science of Administration is the Minister of education and science of the subordinated direct regulatory authority. Its action is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers approved regulations.
(2) the study and science of administration in addition to other laws and regulations for specific competence: 1) provides state monitoring for compliance with the laws and the use of financial resources in science;
2) Cabinet of Ministers duly administered in fundamental and applied research projects and national research programmes for the implementation of the State budget allocated funds;
3) ensures fulfilment of obligations relating to scientific cooperation with the European Union and other international organisations;
4) prepare and publish with your transaction-related information. "
6. Replace article 27, first paragraph, the words "Ministry of education and science" with the words "Cabinet" specific institutions.
7. Turn off the article 29, second paragraph, the words "and the registry officer".
8. Replace article 30 in the third paragraph, the words "Ministry of education and science" with the words "Cabinet" of a certain institution.
9. Express article 34 the third paragraph as follows: "(3) fundamental and applied research projects assessed and funding allocation for the Latvian Science Council Cabinet. Study and science administration each year the Ministry of education and science provides a statement of fundamental and applied research of national budget allocated funds. "
10. Add to article 38, the second subparagraph of paragraph 3 with the following: "3 scientific institutions) registered National Institute, the National University and the National University Institute for the development of the activities of the strategy sets objectives. Scientific institutions operational strategy approved by the Ministry of industry. "
11. transitional provisions be supplemented by paragraph 13 and 14 by the following: ' 13. Amended article 38 of this law the second part relating to replenishment with paragraph 3 shall enter into force on January 1, 2010.
14. Scientific institutions registered in the register of State research institutes, universities and the State National University research institutes to 2009 October 31 developed and submitted for approval to the relevant industry Ministry scientific institutions operating strategy. "
The law shall enter into force on July 1, 2009.
The Parliament adopted the law of 16 June 2009.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V. 27 June 2009 Editorial Note: the law shall enter into force by 1 July 2009.