On The Educational Innovation In Recognition Of The Foundation's Law Unenforceable

Original Language Title: Par Izglītības inovācijas fonda likuma atzīšanu par spēku zaudējušu

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/193690

The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: The law of Education Innovation Fund for the annulment of article 1 of the lost. Be declared unenforceable law of Education Innovation Fund (the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2002, nr. 23; 2003; 2004, nr. 8, 2. no).
2. article. With the entry into force of this law the Education Innovation Fund will cease to exist as a legal person governed by public law and is being reorganized by adding it to the national education development agency. The national education development agency (hereinafter the Agency) is the Education Innovation Fund liabilities and assets, including funds, accepting.
3. article. The Agency's education innovation projects and scholarships for outstanding educators for lifetime contribution to the financial resources allocated to education (hereinafter referred to as the Fund).
4. article. In addition to the other agency regulations stipulated tasks has the following tasks: 1) to raise, collect, manage and distribute funds to the education innovation project (the project) and for the implementation of lifelong education excellence scholarships to employees for lifetime contribution in education;
2) to develop methodological guidance for project preparation and application;
3) to determine the project evaluation criteria and guiding principles;
4) organize a design competition for funding;
5) develop and submit proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers on the implementation of the project required the resources of the State budget;
6) targeted and effectively managed the Fund, ensuring control over the use made of it;
7) to ensure full transparency of its operations;
8) giving funding to publish the newspaper "Latvian journal" information on project funding and grant sources;
9) to maintain and update the public and submitted to the Agency its funded projects database, as well as to receive and analyse information on the perspectives of finance and projects;
10) prepare and publish the newspaper "Latvian journal" annual public report on the utilization of the Fund.
5. article. (1) the Fund shall consist of: 1) the national budget allocation from general revenue;
2) gifts, donations and foreign financial help.
(2) the Fund is used for financial support of projects that contribute to: 1) the latest scientific opinion and the introduction of modern technology and the use of the education process;
2) promotes the physical and legal person creative and exploratory projects in the field of education, including curricula and teaching content teaching security, new learning tools development and approval, as well as educational innovation;
3) promotes the development of education programs and develop and promote learning opportunities for everyone throughout life;
4 international creative) contributes to the development of communication and integration of the Latvian educational system in the world;
5) promotes the educational achievements of Latvia abroad.
6. article. (1) the funds are distributed based on the submissions and applicant design contest results and having regard to the opinion of the Council of the Foundation.
(2) the Fund allocation for evaluation to the Minister of education and science create a foundation. The Fund's Council is composed of the Minister of education and science in the seconded two representatives, the Parliament's education, culture and science, the representative of the Commission, higher education Council representative, Union of Latvian Municipal Education Committee, representative of the Latvian Association of education leaders, a representative of the Ministry of culture culture and creative industry education center representative, a representative of teachers, vocational training institutions and a representative of the Association of Latvian National Commission for UNESCO. The Chairman of the Board of the Fund and the Fund's Council term of office determined by the Minister of education and science.
(3) the assessment of a project is created in the following industry experts: 1) of the Council of the Humanities Council;
2) Science Council;
3) Social Science Council;
4) Kultūrizglītīb Board.
(4) the cabinet shall determine the procedure for allocation of resources of the Fund, as well as the establishment of sector councils and the term of Office.
7. article. Minister of education and Science creates educational innovation fund the reorganisation of the Commission.
The law shall enter into force on July 1, 2009.
The Parliament adopted the law of 12 June 2009.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V. 26 June 2009 Editorial Note: the law shall enter into force by 1 July 2009.