Amendment To The Law "on State And Local Residential Privatization"

Original Language Title: Grozījums likumā "Par valsts un pašvaldību dzīvojamo māju privatizāciju"

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the amendment to the law "on State and local residential privatization" make law "on State and local residential privatization" (the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1995, nr. 16; 1996; 1997, no. 19, 2., no. 14; 1998, 12; 2000, no. 2., 17, no. 23; 2001, 3, 16; 2002, nr. 16. No; 2003, 23. 24. no; 2004, no. 10; in 2005, No 7; 2006, 2., no. 13; 2007, no. 11; 2008, no. 8; 2009, no. 6; Latvian journal, 2009, 100. No.) following amendment: to supplement the law with article 51.1 of the following: ' article 51.1. Apartment owners in the decision-making procedure, without holding a general meeting of the owners of the housing (1) If this Act article 51-conditions of part two, but the owners of the apartment have not adopted a decision on the residential home of the transfer of the management of the Housing Society or the owner of the dwelling owner agreement between the trustee and not contracted on a residential home in parts of the joint ownership and management of the Administration, municipality, country living home possessor or one or more apartment owners (hereinafter agent) has the right to initiate the apartment owners in the decision-making procedure without holding a general meeting of the owners of the apartment (hereinafter the procedure of adoption of the decision).
(2) the decision-making procedures within the agent for each apartment owner shall send by registered mail or served against signature invitation to take a decision on the residential home management succession and about the transfer of the right to housing contracts between the owner trustee, vote "for" or "against" the adoption of the decision (hereinafter referred to as the notice). The invitation shall be accompanied by the following documents: 1 the draft decision management) for the transfer of the apartment owner trustee. Acceptable decision be reworded to clearly and unambiguously;
2) residential home management agreements;
3) voting newsletter form, which also provides for the possibility to express different views of the owner of the apartment;
4) other documents which may have a role in the decision making.
(3) the invitation shall specify the period within which the apartment owner in writing can vote "for" or "against" the adoption of the decision. This period may not be shorter than four weeks from the date of dispatch of the invitation. If the apartment owner is not given within the time limit set in the written response, acceptable that he voted against the decision.
(4) residential home management to be included in the draft Treaty to the following conditions: 1) the parties;
2) residential home address;
3) trustee asked management to the mandatory list of activities;
4) trustee asked the other according to the wishes of the owner of the apartment to management actions, including actions related to home improvement and development;
5) time limits and procedures, providing an overview of the management task, including the review of authorised the use of financial resources;
6) the order in which the authorised person shall provide information to owners of apartments;
7) questions that the apartment owners are authorized by the persons authorized to make decisions on their site, as well as to contract on their behalf;
8) with the task of managing the associated management costs, the amount of the determination and payment arrangements, showing separately: a) residential home maintenance amount of compulsory expenditure, and the arrangements for payment, (b)) other costs, including residential home improvement and development expenditure required, their determination and payment arrangements, c) rewards for management, the determination and payment arrangements;
9) rules with residential home management-related information to State and local authorities;
10 volumes, pārpilnvarojum) if the apartment owners agree on a management task allure;
11) management contract expires and the time of entry into force;
12 amendment of the contract and termination) procedure;
13) of the management contract, the obligations and the procedure of the transfer case to the amendment or termination of the contract;
14) of the authorised person, the amount of the liability and its time;
15) mandate authorized person to submit the application to the municipality or State residential home possessor of the residential home.
(5) subject to the first and second subparagraphs, the decision-making procedure within the Agent writes the Protocol on the results of the vote and five working days, send them all apartment owners. Voting protocol specifies: 1) invitation sent out day and apartment owners down the voting period;
2) decisions and the results of the vote;
3) voting bulletins listed the apartment owners in the divergent opinions;
4) other essential voting information.
(6) the procedure of adoption of the decision the decision taken within the framework of residential home management transfer of the apartment owner trustee shall be deemed to be adopted if the votes cast "for" apartment owners representing more than half of all residential house privatization in the number of objects.
(7) the proponent according to the results of the vote clarified the contract project and prepare it for signing. Management agreement is concluded for a period not exceeding three years. "
The Parliament adopted the law of 16 July 2009.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V 2009 July 30 Editorial Note: the law shall enter into force on 13 august 2009.