The Amendments To The Law On Electronic Communications

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Elektronisko sakaru likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law on electronic communications make electronic communications Act (Republic of Latvia Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2004, nr. 23; 2005; 2006, nr. 12, no 24; 2007, 12 no, no. 15; 2008; 2009, No 14; Latvian journal, 2010, 102, 206. no; 88. in 2011, no; 13, no. 232; 2014, 17, 60 no; 2015, 222. No.) the following amendments: 1. Replace the entire law, the word "reconstruction" (fold) with the word "alteration" (fold). 2. Express article 16 the second paragraph as follows: "(2) the electronic communication operators have the right to install and build (also retrofit) public electronic communications networks and infrastructure facilities (cable, cable ducts, the pillars, the well, the mast towers, containers, payphone booths) State, local, and private property in the territory, above in coordination with the property owner or legal possessor construction laws." 3. Express article 18 as follows: "article 18. Use rights for the benefit of aprobežojum the electronic communications operator (1) public electronic communications network (also for the construction, installation, operation) and the electronic communications services for the good of the public electronic communications network operator is a certain real property rights of use aprobežojum. This aprobežojum is in force from the date of the electronic communications network is placed in service. (2) the first paragraph of this article applies to the electronic communications networks that will be created by using public funds, and used State institutions function. (3) the real estate owner or legal possessor permission to use aprobežojum and use the procedures set out in this law, the law and civil law in the Zone. The property owner or legal possessor may not damage or modify the electronic communications network that hosted his immovable property, or take actions that would impede the immovable property located in the provision of electronic communications networks or electronic communications services. (4) electronic communication network by the property owner or legal possessor requirements of the move the real estate owner or legal possessor, unless the parties agree otherwise. (5) public electronic communications networks, cables and connection points shall be provided, as well as equipment installed, pursuant to the law "On the protection of cultural monuments,". " 4. Supplement to chapter III article 18.1 as follows: "article 18.1. Remuneration for the land use rights of the aprobežojum (1) the owner of the immovable property for land use rights to property aprobežojum can be claimed if: 1) land use of the new electronic communications network installing or building; 2) the existing electronic communications network conversion will increase the land area that is already occupied by the electronic communications network or a strip along or around the object. (2) If the owner of the property requires the first part contains the reward, but the parties cannot agree, the amount of remuneration for the land use rights of the aprobežojum determined in accordance with the third paragraph of this article, this methodology. (3) the Methodology for the determination of land area, of which the property owner to calculate the remuneration, as well as the methodology and procedures for calculation and the property owner paid remuneration for the electronic communication network construction in the land necessary for the use of property rights aprobežojum, determined by the Cabinet of Ministers. " 5. Add to the second subparagraph of article 19 with the following wording in point 1.1: ' 11) after the Regulator's request to provide information on those telephone directory enquiry service and publicly available mailing list providers, who have requested details of the second paragraph of this article 1 in accordance with the procedure laid down in paragraph; ". 6. Article 22, third paragraph: replace paragraph 11, the words "price and tariffs" with the words "information on prices and tariffs"; Replace paragraph 12, the word "reconstruction" with the words "extension of". " 7. Supplement article 47 3.1 part with text by the following: "electronic communications operator is not entitled to transfer the right to use such numbers to electronic communications operators, which the Governor found fraud carried out using numbers, or the wrong use of numbering the individual merchant, branch or a foreign merchant company, if the individual merchant, branch of a foreign merchant or company member, shareholder, Member, or member of the Executive Council or prokūrist was a trader of electronic communication — — the Council of the Corporation or of the Board or of the prokūrist , partnerships represent the eligible Member, foreign merchant affiliate representative or sole proprietor, which the Governor found fraud carried out using numbers, or the use of incorrect numbering. The electronic communications operator, which the Governor found fraud carried out using numbers, or the wrong use of the numbering is not entitled to transfer the rights of use of numbering for another electronic communications operator. " 8. the first subparagraph of article 62: to supplement the first sentence after the word "Governor" with the words "at the polls or the analysis of the situation, if necessary, in consultation with market participants"; to supplement the first sentence after the words "internet access" with the words "and provided that persons with disabilities are eligible for special services. If any of those services Regulator provides a market, it is not included in the universal service obligations ". 9. transitional provisions: replace paragraph 14, the words "in numbers and 1 June 2015" with numbers and words "2017 January 1"; transitional provisions be supplemented by 39 points by the following: "39. Article 18 of this law, the new version of article 18.1 and shall enter into force in 2016, on 1 December, and these amendments applicable to the public electronic communications networks, for which the construction permit was issued for construction or acceptance made no earlier than 2016 December 1." The Parliament adopted the law of 17 December 2015. The President r. vējonis 2015 in Riga on December 23.