Amendments To The Law "on Housing Assistance Issues"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi likumā "Par palīdzību dzīvokļa jautājumu risināšanā"

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the amendments to the law "on housing assistance issues" make law "about helping apartment issues" (Latvian Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2002, 2. No; 2003; 2005, 20 no, no. 9; 2007, 12, no. 24, no. 12, 2009; Latvian journal, 2009, nr. 196; 2010, nr. 157.; 13, no. 232; 2014, 131 no). the following amendments: 1. Express article 1 by the following: "article 1. The task of the law this law determines who is entitled to receive assistance in the living room (the apartment) issues, where the State or municipality has the right to rent out the living space of the qualified professional (hereinafter also – specialist), as well as the order in which help is provided to housing matters (also: help). " 2. Supplement article 3 to 11 by the following: "11") for the provision of specialist assistance with living quarters (21.1-21.4). " 3. Add to article 11 with the third subparagraph by the following: "(3) the local Government Council in a separate decision is entitled to belong to the municipality or its not rented for residential rented space to determine the professional status of the rented accommodation. Living room, which is a professional rental of living space, is rented under this law, the provisions of chapter III1. " 4. Replace article 14, first subparagraph, the introductory part of paragraph 2, the words "and repair expenses, and if they are:" with the words "and repair costs, and if they are:". 5. To supplement the law with the chapter III1 by the following: "chapter III1 residential letting qualified professionals 21.1 article. Apartment letting specialist terms (1) the municipality owned or leased residential premises for which the Municipal Council adopted the professional status of the rented accommodation, the municipality is entitled to rent: 1) the municipal development programme developed in the sector (action, areas etc.) employed qualified professional; 2) specialist that performs the functions of a State or local government assurance management task area, which found insufficient qualified security professionals. (2) the municipality, the municipal development programme by evaluating the (lines of action, areas, etc.) and with national or local authorities for the provision of the related function management tasks, with binding rules determine which sectors or activities of any administration tasks required. (3) the municipality shall not be entitled to rent out the living room of a professional, if the municipal administrative territory belonging to this professional living room. (4) the professional rented living quarters for the local professionals are not entitled to apakšīr, to get the property, but the municipality is eligible to pass the privatization or expropriation. Article 21.2. The order in which the municipality hires a professional residential premises (1) the decision on the accommodation letting specialist adopted the Municipal Council or its delegated authority pursuant to article 11 of this law to the third part and the provisions of chapter III1. (2) the order in which the municipality hires a professional residential space, down to their local binding rules. (3) if the municipality is not a professional employer, it concluded a cooperation agreement with a specialist employer stating: 1) the parties; 2) the parties to the cooperation objective and the municipal development programme for the sector, in which the parties cooperate; 3 responsibilities of the parties), as well as potential liability in the event of termination of the contract; 4) mutual information provision and exchange arrangements regarding the employment of specialists; 5 date of entry into force of the Treaty); 6) contract period; 7) other essential conditions of the contract. (4) the cooperation agreement shall expire: 1) the expiry of the period for which it is concluded; 2) if the term of the contract exceeds three years, the parties may each terminate, subject to a one-year notice period, if the contract does not provide for a shorter notice period; 3) if the employer ceases to exist, the reorganisation or winding-up proceedings. (5) If the employer is not the specialist authorities, living space rental agreements with local professionals with specialist the employer's consent, and subject to the conditions of this chapter. Article 21.3. Living space rental contract expires (1) municipality of living space rental contract with professional labour relations for a time, but not more than three years. (2) the expiry of the living space rental agreement, a municipality has the right to decide on the extension of the lease, if the officer is still employed by this law, in the second paragraph of article 21.1 the designated area and in force on the cooperation agreement with the employers ' specialists. 21.4 article. Specialist accommodation tenancy agreement termination (1) living space rental agreement with an expert shall upon the deadline laid down in the Treaty and in accordance with the law "for the residential rental of premises". (2) If, after the living space rental agreement expiration specialist refuses to release the municipal residential room, pretending to be him in court without any other living space refuge. " The Saeima adopted the law on 17 March 2016. The President r. vējonis 2016 in Riga on April 4