The Amendment To The Animal Protection Act

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Dzīvnieku aizsardzības likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law on the protection of animals in the animal protection Act (Republic of Latvia Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2000, no. 2; 2002; 2003, 2, no, no. 6, 16; 2005, nr. 10, 3. No; 2007; 2008, no. 3, 2009, no. 21) the following amendments: 1. Express article 1 by the following: "article 1. The law is applied in the following terms: 1) amusement animal — animal kept for public display for entertainment or education purposes, except that there the animal Zoo;
2-the animal's owner) the legal or natural person who owns an animal;
3), the holder of the animal: the person handling and care of animals;
4) an animal shelter — a specially equipped place to accommodating izķerto, seized and helpless state firms;
5) animal hotel — specially equipped place to House (rooms) the owner of an animal for a certain period of time can leave the care of your animal;
6) — animal euthanasia of life functions stop painless way;
7) trial-permitted activities conducted with the test animal scientific purposes to study human and animal material needs, and which can cause animals or cause pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm, and can also influence or affect fetal development;
8) experimental animal experiments or other scientific purposes or experimental or other scientific purposes used as animal;
9) — animal welfare physiological and Ethological needs of the package of measures;
10) farm animal — animal cultivated and there acquisition of products of animal origin or for other purposes in practice, including the restricted area at a wild animal species and genetic modification techniques for animal;
11) home (room) the animal — animal people there for your pleasure;
12) home (room) the animal farm, the place where the House (rooms) for the propagation of the species of animals kept for commercial or non-commercial purposes;
13) wild animal species — animals whose evolution is not consciously influenced people to meet their needs;
14) sports and working animals, animals who have mastered specific skills and specific human activity;
15) Zoo — a place where wild animals of the species biological needs there under appropriate conditions for the conservation of the species or reintroduction, reproduction, research or public education. "
2. Supplement article 2, after the word "protection" with the words "and welfare".
3. To make article 3 by the following: ' article 3. (1) animals after their actual status are broken down as follows: 1) Wildlife;
2) animals bred in captivity.
(2) wild animals by their use are classified as follows: 1) wild game;
2) wild game.
(3) captive-raised animals by their use are classified as follows: 1) livestock;
2) House (rooms);
3) sports, work and amusement;
4) trial;
5) animals which are kept in the Zoo;
6) wild species of animals which are kept in the wild species registered holding. "
4. To supplement the law with article 3.1 as follows: "article 3.1. (1) it is prohibited to buy, hold in captivity, dispose or keep for sale or Exchange and offer trade in such animals: 1) serial predators wild species;
2) Primate;
3) marine mammals;
4) crocodile animals;
5 čūskveidīg of animals.)
(2) prohibited the feeding of animals with live animals warm-blooded.
(3) in the first and second part of the above prohibitions do not apply to zoos and wild animal species registered holding. "
5. in article 4, first paragraph: make point 7 by the following: ' 7) animal exposure to look or other transformative healing procedures, if they are not determined by need and not done practicing veterinarian or other person in accordance with the animal welfare laws regulating. Practicing veterinarian authorised to do this law, of the tail of the crop in article 18.1, breeds of dogs; "
make the following paragraph 11: "11) wild species of animals outside the Zoo or wild species registered holding;";
Replace paragraph 13, the words "experimental or scientific" with the word "test";
Add to part with such paragraph 16: "16) the use of animals in religious rituals and draw."
6. To supplement the law with article 4.1 as follows: "article 4.1. (1) it is prohibited the House (room) the animal's participation in the competition, markets and auctions, as well as a demonstration of the public exhibition that has been transforming the appearance of the operation, with the exception of: 1) animals that need this operation confirms a practicing veterinarian, when you record the animal's passport or certificate of vaccination;
2) in this Act the breed of dog, which allowed the tail trim;
3) animal, where the country of origin legislation is allowed to take the appearance of transformative operations.
(2) Without coordination with the food and veterinary service prohibited on animal use in public events that are not specialized actions with participation of the animal or animals to give to public event without the consent of the person apdāvinām and without coordination with the food and veterinary service. "
7. Put article 5 by the following: "article 5. (1) the owner of the animal is laid down in the civil code power over animals other than this law and other laws in certain cases.
(2) the owner of an animal shall have the following responsibilities: 1) take care of animal health, animal welfare and the use of appropriate to its species, age and Physiology;
2) take care of favourable public attitudes towards animals in his possession;
3) to ensure that the animal does not disturb and do not endanger people or other animals;
4) prevent uncontrolled breeding of the animal;
5) to ensure the animal's housing conditions, equipment, feed and water compliance with the physiological and Ethological needs, taking into account the relevant animal species, development, adaptation and domestication;
6) do not expose animal pain and suffering, as well as prevent the possibility of injury;

7) taking account of the animal's physiological and Ethological needs, to ensure the animal's physical activity, but the animal, whose movement is restricted — sufficient holding areas;
8) immediately after article 9 of this law the officials referred to in the request in accordance with their respective competences, to present its holding, as well as the animal's passport or vaccination certificates and other documents related to the animal;
9) provide a sterilized cat marking, if the cat is staying in town or in a rural residential area in close proximity to Uptown.
(3) If the owner of the animal is not able to perform the second part of this article, the obligations of the person disposes of the animal that is able to discharge these functions pass the animal shelter or kill legislation.
(4) in the second subparagraph, the obligations of the holder of the animals for which the owner of the animal or which transferred the possession of the animal has been exposed to otherwise.
(5) only the owner has the right to give permission for the use of the donor animal and, in the cases specified in this law, as well as killing animals only the owner or his authorized person has the right to demonstrate in public exhibition of animals. "
8. To supplement the law with article 5.1 by the following: ' article 5.1. (1) a dog dangerous recognizes food and veterinary service created dog behavioural Evaluation Commission (hereinafter the Commission).
(2) if the dog's behavior started the evaluation process, the owner or keeper of the dog shall comply with the regulations on the keeping of dangerous dog. "
9. Express article 8 by the following: ' article 8. (1) Without shelter and care or supervision of the owner left the animal (except for wild game) be considered as a stray animal. About the stray animal is not considered to be sterilized cat, staying in town or in a rural residential area in close proximity to Uptown.
(2) any person for stray or clueless come the animal shall immediately notify the local authorities of the institution.
(3) in accordance with the binding provisions of the local government and laws governing animal welfare, the local Government shall organise a stray or clueless animal rescue schools and killing if necessary.
(4) in accordance with the binding provisions of the municipal local government may allow city or rural residential area in the vicinity of the houses to keep sterilised orphan cats, if the welfare and identification. "
10. Article 9: make 1 and the first subparagraph of paragraph 2 as follows: "1) subordinated to the Ministry of agriculture: (a) the authority) of the food and veterinary service for captive-bred animal protection and welfare of animals, as well as on the import, export and transit control laws in the country's border inspection posts within the limits of its competence, but in relation to the House (room) animal welfare-state veterinary supervision only objects and instances When is suspect or complaints of violations of the laws, (b)), the State Forestry Department, in the case of wild species of wild animal protection;
2) subordinated to the Ministry of environment authorities for not living in the wild game species of wild animal protection and on specially protected and limited to use species of wild animal protection in accordance with the nature protection legislation. ";
to supplement the article with the seventh subparagraph by the following: "(7) the Ministry of agriculture agricultural training in matters of animal welfare public administration facilities in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law may be delegated by contract private or public law, who, for the training of administrative acts are issued. Private or public law issued by administrative provisions can challenge a food and veterinary service. "
11. Article 10: Express (4) and (5) as follows: "4) order in which the actions to be performed with experimental animals, and welfare requirements of experimental animals to be secured;
5), arrangements of animal populations (reintroduction) in nature and nature in Latvia to the species of wild animals (introduction) ";
make paragraph 10 by the following: ' 10) the procedure and requirements for keeping of wild animals in fenced areas (gardens, deer wild bird farms, fur farms, etc.), which use animal products of the species or breeding purposes; "
Replace paragraph 15, the words "experiments and training" with the word "trial";
Express 18 as follows: "18) State fees and the payment arrangements on the conservation of wild species holding registration;"
to supplement the article with 19, 20, 21 and 22 as follows: "19) State fees and payment procedures for the authorization of the operator to trade with home (the room);
20) the stray dog and cat schools;
21) requirements for wild species for keeping Zoo and the Zoo's establishment and registration;
22 wild species) holding registration procedures. "
12. Express article 11, first paragraph, the second sentence by the following: "it shall consist of the public authorities and scientific institutions, associations, foundations and other institutions which work in the field of animal protection."
13. Express article 13 and 14 by the following: ' article 13. Wild species of animals kept in a limited area of products of animal origin or for other purposes permitted to practice law.
14. article. If a farm animal is ill or suffered injury, the owner or keeper of the animal shall immediately provide the necessary care and call the veterinarian practicing medical assistance. "
14. off articles 15 and 16.
15. Supplement article 18 to the sentence the following wording: "a practicing veterinarian allowed this law, in article 18.1, breeds of dogs make the tail trim."
16. To supplement the law with article 18.1 as follows: "article 18.1. Practicing veterinarian authorised to do the cropping of the tail of the following breeds of dogs: 1) the foksterjer asspalvain;
2 the foksterjer; gludspalvain)
3) Russian hunting spaniel;
4 asspalvain the putnusun) German;
5) German the putnusun smoothcoated;
6) German hunting Terrier;
Welsh Terrier 7). "

17. Put the title of chapter IV and article 19 by the following: "chapter IV sports, business and amusement animal protection and welfare article 19. The organizer of competitions of animals under the regulations on the procedures for the organisation of competitions, livestock markets, auctions, exhibitions and other events with the participation of animals, inform the food and veterinary service of the Department of territorial competition venue and time. "
18. off article 20.
19. Make 21, 22 and 23 of the following: ' article 21. Prohibited animal to enter a medicinal (doping) that affects the natural ability.
22. article. Sports, work or amusement animal chosen according to the type of use, conditions of use and the intended functions.
23. article. A person may be used for sports, work or amusement animal if it is familiar with the relevant animal species and the use of farming according to the legislation on animal welfare requirements, sports, work and amusement for holding animals, training and use of the competitions. "
20. the title of chapter V be expressed by the following: "chapter V protection of experimental animals".
21. Make 24, 25, 26 and 27 of the article as follows: "article 24. Prohibited by experimental animal to take the test if: 1) there's another scientifically satisfactory and practical method to achieve the planned results;
the purpose of the test is 2) execute the European Community legislation on health and safety requirements, but are available to the other Member States of the European Union made the test data. This prohibition does not apply to cases where further tests are necessary to protect human and animal health and safety;
3) animal belong to endangered species, referred to the 1973 Washington Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora and the Council of 9 December 1996, Regulation (EC) No 338/97 on the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein, except where: (a) the purpose of the test is listed) species conservation, b) is the only species in question, which may exceptionally be used biomedicīnisko purposes.
25. article. Experimental animals allowed in the trial only if it is necessary to human or animal material needs, namely: 1) substances, medicinal and pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs and non-food product development and production;
2) substances, drugs and pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs and non-food product quality, efficacy and safety;
3) disease prevention, diagnosis or treatment for or with a view to avoiding diseases;
4) human, animal or plant physiological state of detection, assessment, regulation or modification;
5) environmental protection;
6) research;
7 the Court of the medical investigation);
8) care of experimental animals or people involved in the industry for education and training. Use of experimental animals in training are allowed if the goal cannot be achieved with audio, Visual, or other appropriate method.
26. article. The pilot selectable method that provides trial objective: 1) with the smallest number of animals used;
2) with lower grade irofizioloģisk not sensitivity experimental animal species;
3) causing less pain to the animals, suffering or less lasting damage.
27. article. Wild birds and mammals forbidden to capture and hold in captivity, except in law and nature protection and hunting laws and regulations governing specific cases. "
22. Make article 31 and 32 as follows: "article 31. The Zoological Garden is obliged, at least seven days a year to ensure it holds species of wild animals to the public viewing, as well as keep the registered plant species documentation.
32. article. (1) Environmental Protection Department issued the authorization of the creation of the Zoo.
(2) this Act 3.1 article referred to in the first subparagraph of the animal owner (holder) for wild species, animal holding a sign for registration of food and veterinary service of the Cabinet of Ministers. "
23. Replace article 33, the words "the owner of the wild animals" with the words "the owner of wild species (holder)".
24. Replace the words "in article 34 wildlife collection owner" with the words "the owner of wild species (holder)".
25. Article 36 off third and fourth.
26. Article 39 be expressed by the following: ' article 39. The local Government shall establish and maintain animal shelters, izķer, accommodating and care izķerto and seized House (rooms), animals, as well as the accommodation and care of clueless feral animals or firms contracting with natural or legal persons on schools of those animals, accommodation, maintenance and care. "
27. Express article 41, second subparagraph by the following: "(2) the shelter provides an animal sterilization, if 14 days have not been able to find its owner or holder."
28. the express article 44 paragraph 8 by the following: ' 8) the killing of animals if provided for trial purpose. "
29. the express article 45 as follows: "article 45. Animals allowed to kill only with the permission of the owner of the animal (in the case of euthanasia with written permission), with the exception of article 5 of this law in the third paragraph, and article 44, paragraph 6 and 7 in certain cases. "
30. Make article 50 as follows: "article 50. Animal euthanasia, if allowed to do: 1) the animal is incurable ill or aging process caused the irreversible changes that cause suffering to the animal;
2) due to their aggressiveness in the animals become dangerous to humans or other animals;
3) owner not able to perform this Act article 5 referred to in the second subparagraph and in accordance with article 5 of this law the third part has not been able to dispose of the animal to another person;
4) it is for infectious disease eradication programme;
5) stray animal within 14 days of its previous owner not found or new holder;
6) stray animal was found in serious traumatic condition;
7) within 30 days after the entry into force of the decision on the confiscation of the animal, fails to find a new owner;

8) the entry into force of the decision on the dog's euthanasia in accordance with the laws and regulations concerning the criteria and procedures for the dog declared dangerous and determined action with it. "
31. the transitional provisions be supplemented with 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in paragraph by the following: "5. The Cabinet of Ministers until 2010 December 31 issue 10 article of this law, 4., 5., 15., 18., 19, 20, 21 and 22 of these rules.
6. Article 10 of this law, 4., 5., 15., 18., 20, 21 and 22 of the Cabinet of Ministers referred to the entry into force of the day, but no longer than up to 2010 31 December following the applicable Cabinet of Ministers regulations, in so far as they are not inconsistent with this law: 1) Cabinet of 23 January 2001, Regulation No 34 of "wild species Not individuals, not characteristic of Latvian nature wildlife introduction (introduction) as well as animal population recovery (reintroduction) authorisation procedure ';
2) Cabinet of 8 May 2001, Regulation No 185 of "rules on requirements for keeping of wild animals in captivity and wild animal collection creation";
3) Cabinet of 23 October 2001 on the rules No. 450 "experiments and scientific purposes of animals used, use, trade and killing procedures";
4) Cabinet of 15 April 2003, the Regulation No 180 "products of animal origin, or the breeding of the species of wild animals used in procedures for the fenced areas";
5) Cabinet of Ministers 2007 September 4, Regulation No 606 "requirements for stray dogs and cats on schools";
6) the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 September 2007 the Regulation No. 634 "regulations on the State fee for permission to use animal experiments and training";
7) the Cabinet of Ministers of 13 November 2007 No. 757 rules "rules for the authorisation of the State fee for the collection of wild animals for the establishment and functioning of the".
7. Article 4.1 of this Act does not apply to the House (rooms), animals born before 1 June 2010.
8. Amendment of article 10 of this law 18 enter into force simultaneously with the amendments to the law "About taxes and duties".
9. Article 18.1 of this law enter into force simultaneously with the amendments to the Veterinary Act. "
32. To complement the informative reference to directives of the European Union with 3, 4 and 5 of paragraph by the following: "3) Council of 24 November 1986 Directive 86/609/EEC on the approximation of laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States regarding the protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes;
4) Council of 20 July 1998 Directive 98/58/EC on the protection of animals kept for farming purposes;
5) Council of 29 March 1999, Directive 1999/22/EC relating to the keeping of wild animals in zoos. "
The Parliament adopted the law of 31 March 2010.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V 2010 April 20.