The Amendments To The Energy Law

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Enerģētikas likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law of energy to make the Energy Act (Republic of Latvia Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1998, nr. 20; 2000, no. 17; 2001, no. 12; 2005, 8, 13, 14; 2008. no no; 2009, 2., no. 14) the following amendments: 1. Put 1 article 32 the following: "32) autonomous producer — a merchant trader, energy or natural person generating electricity or heat in order to consume it on their own or local heating needs; ".
2. Turn off the article 8 paragraph 5 and 6.
3. Supplement article 49, first subparagraph, after the words "heat" produced by "on the agreed price."
4. Turn off the article 51, second paragraph, the words "in coordination with the Governor".
5. Express article 76, second subparagraph by the following: "(2) the cabinet shall determine the order in which new horizon energy merchants, and issue the power supply object merchants object operating conditions."
6. Express article 82 the first part as follows: "(1) the energy merchants — heat or electricity generation, transmission, distribution or natural gas transmission, distribution or storage of the operator — object control the operation of the public service Commission that the regulation has the following responsibilities: 1) control the energy merchants object checks the operation of adequate and timely;
2) take the electricity, heat and gas quality enforcement and compliance control and surveillance;
3) legislation the cases to participate in the electricity, heat and gas supply system crashing clearance and the investigation of accidents in the work of the Commission's energy business objects. "
7. Turn off article 91.
8. transitional provisions be supplemented with 21 and 22 as follows: "Cabinet of Ministers to 21, 2010 September 1, issued by this law, article 76 in the second part of these provisions, which provide for procedures for the new horizon energy merchants object. Until the date of entry into force of rules, but no longer than up to 2010 October 1 apply to the Cabinet of Ministers on 8 November 2005, the regulations no 841 ' power structures during construction of the agenda ", to the extent they do not conflict with this Act.
22. The Cabinet of Ministers until 2010 September 1, issued by this law, article 76 in the second part of these energy merchants object operating conditions. "
The Parliament adopted the law of 13 May 2010.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V. 26 May 2010 in