Amendments To The Law "on State And Municipal Residential Privatization"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi likumā "Par valsts un pašvaldību dzīvojamo māju privatizāciju"

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the amendments to the law "on State and local residential privatization" make law "on State and local residential privatization" (the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1995, nr. 16; 1996; 1997, no. 19, 2., no. 14; 1998, 12; 2000, no. 2., 17, no. 23; 2001, 3, 16; 2002, nr. 16. No; 2003, 23. 24. no; 2004, no. 10; in 2005, No 7; 2006, 2., no. 13; 2007, no. 11; 2008, no. 8; 2009, 6, 14, 17, no. 22; Latvian journal 27, 2010 No.) the following amendments: 1. Supplement article 50 with an eighth of the following: "(8) national residential home possessor or the municipality, managing and exploiting Uptown, if article 51 of this law in accordance with the procedure laid down in the residential home management right is not transferred to the apartment owner or apartment owner to the public with the mutual agreement of the authorised person, is entitled to receive a fee for the apartment owners of their services provided in the Administration and management of private property."
2. Supplement article 51 with 5.1 part as follows: "(51) If a residential house in the privatised only one apartment and the apartment property owner has filed an application for a residential home, municipal or State residential home possessor may provide residential home management rights for that apartment owner, in agreement with him on not privatised dwelling object of the Administration and management of the future."
3. Express article 59 the following: ' article 59. State joint stock company "Privatization Agency" jurisdiction (1) the national joint stock company "Privatization Agency" is obliged: 1) provide free advice on matters within its competence;
2) make this statutory public residential houses and their current apartments, artist workshops and residential space privatization transactions.
3) to coordinate the national residential and part of the transfer to the municipalities;
4) put the country living home not privatized apartments, artist workshops, not habitable spaces and not privatised national residential home municipalities;
5) to manage its existing national in possession of a residential home and parts to this uptown and the transfer of part of the housing management and management of the owner pursuant to the civil code and the provisions of other laws;
6) put the national residential home apartment owners and management of the Administration;
7) to maintain and update the residential privatization information system, enabling it to use the local authorities, as well as cooperation with other national and local government bodies in information systems (registers).
(2) State joint stock company "Privatization Agency" has the right to: 1), to request and receive from the city and County of the Republic Uptown from the privatisation Commission, State and local authorities, as well as from corporations information related to privatization;
2) more in this law or the Cabinet of Ministers regulations intended functions;
3) to participate in the privatized residential house in the organisation of the Administration and management;
4) provide paid services within their competence;
5) to request and receive from other national information systems free information required for residential privatization information system maintenance and actualization. "
4. Article 74: Supplement 4.1 part with the following sentence: "If by December 1, 2008 is amended by the territorial development plans, taking into account the free economic zones or special economic zone Board's opinion, the Cabinet of Ministers may annul the decision of the national living in rented homes not slated for conservation and public domain. ';
supplemented with the sentence following part 5.1: "If by December 1, 2008 is amended by the territorial development plans, taking into account the free economic zones or special economic zones, local government management board views the dome may annul the decision of the rented apartment or viendzīvokļ of the municipalities in a private home not slated and retention authorities."
5. transitional provisions: Supplement 21 to the sentence the following wording: "with not privatised dwelling of the municipality can be released also article 50 of this law in the seventh paragraph of the duty to manage and operate the Uptown to the management for the transfer of rights of owner of public housing or to housing contracts between the owner authorised person, if it is agreed with the Republican town or district municipality."
Add to 30.1 5. subparagraph with the following: "5) residential home and existing dwellings, not habitable spaces and artist workshop, if the Cabinet or local Council annulled the decision on not dwelling and conservation of the State privatisation or the municipal property, in accordance with article 74 of this law 4.1 or 5.1 part.";
transitional provisions be supplemented with 45 as follows: "45. Purchase agreements concluded in article 46 of this law established, by agreement of the parties may extend the time limit for payment of the fee for the purchase by making periodic payments to a maximum of 10 years from the day of conclusion of the contract of sale."
The Parliament adopted the law of 16 June 2010.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga 2010 V 6 July