The Amendments To The Patent Act

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Patentu likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the amendments to the Patent Act to make the Patent Act (the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2007, no. 6) the following amendments: 1. Express article 11 by the following: ' article 11. Inventions affecting national defence interests (1) if the invention concerns the interests of national defence, the Ministry of Defense you can give it the status of a secret invention.
(2) if the invention is recognized as a secret Patent, the Governing Board in accordance with the procedure laid down in this law, shall decide on the grant of the patent. Patent procedure does not apply to this law, article 35 and 38 provisions on patent application and a patent granted to the public, and are not subject to the requirement to pay the State fee for the patent publication. Patent application and patent public secrecy status and Government fees for patent publication fee.
(3) the owner of the Patent Rights to a secret invention shall determine the amount of the contract with the Defense Ministry. The owner of the patent rights on such inventions can inherit. If the owner of the patent and the Defence Ministry fails to agree on the amount of compensation for the use of the invention, the claims shall be determined by a Court of civil law. "
2. Express article 23 by the following: ' article 23. The Mission of the Board of the patent in the Patent laws of the Board determine competencies within the exercise of State policy in the field of industrial property, providing industrial property rights registration and register news publication in the Official Gazette in paper or in electronic form, as well as promoting the awareness of the need to protect the country. "
3. in article 26: to complement the third paragraph after the word "content" with the words "for amendment in the register of the national toll payable and arrangements for payment";
to make the fourth part of paragraph 4 by the following: "4) it has passed the patent attorney examination prescribed by Cabinet and paid the State fee. About patent attorney qualifying examination the sort state fees payable and arrangements for payment shall be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers; ".
4. Supplement article 38 with the sixth part as follows: "(6) the Patent owner shall immediately notify the Patent Office concerning amendments or perceived errors messages relating to the grant of the patent, the owner's name (name) or for a change of the representative. If you paid State fee prescribed by the Patent Board permitted the amendments included in the patent register, notification of amendments shall be published on its official publication and sends to the owner of the patent. The Patent Office's mistakes are corrected free of charge. "
5. Supplement article 48, the third paragraph with the words "with the exception of article 11 of this law in this instance".
6. Supplement article 49 second part after the number and the words "article 38 in the first" with the words "and the sixth".
7. in article 71: turn off the fourth part;
replace the words "the fifth subparagraph, second, third or fourth part" with the words "the second or third part";
replace the sixth paragraph, the words "the second, third or fourth part" with the words "the second or third paragraph".
8. Replace the 74 in the first subparagraph of article number and the words "of article 75 of the fifth" with a number and the words "the third subparagraph of article 77".
9. transitional provisions be supplemented with paragraph 8 by the following: ' 8. Until the new cabinet from the date of entry into force of the provisions, but no longer than up to 30 April 2011 is in effect the Cabinet September 4, 2007 the Regulation provisions on "professional 602 patent attorneys register content, register maintenance procedures and patent attorney qualifying examination ' agendas."
The Parliament adopted the law on 14 October 2010.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V. 3.2010 November