For The Latvian And Soviet Psychiatric Treatment Establishments During The Period From 17 June 1940 To August 21, 1991, Wrongly Inserted For Persons

Original Language Title: Par Latvijas un PSRS psihiatriskajās ārstniecības iestādēs laika posmā no 1940.gada 17.jūnija līdz 1991.gada 21.augustam nepamatoti ievietotajām personām

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: for the Latvian and Soviet psychiatric treatment establishments during the period from 17 June 1940 to august 21, 1991 of persons wrongly inserted article 1. The law's purpose and scope (1) this law aims to restore historical justice and honor and dignity of the persons, who in the period from 17 June 1940 to august 21, 1991, without the Court ruling wrongly — about their political beliefs, about the political activities of opposition to totalitarian regimes, of religious views on race or nationality, of belonging to a certain class of society — placed Latvian or Soviet psychiatric hospital (psychiatric medical institutions also chapters) How to eliminate these people generate adverse legal consequences (hereinafter person renewal). (2) this law shall apply to persons who are not citizens of Latvia citizens or permanent residents, and that the first paragraph of this article during the period and the circumstances were not reasonably placed Latvia and Soviet psychiatric hospital. (3) this law shall be without prejudice to the cases in which the person is the reabilitējam according to the law "on rehabilitation of repressed persons". 2. article. Restore the personal status (1) a Person who complies with article 1 of this law, the criteria set out in or the patron to the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Latvia shall be submitted by the person's declared place of residence application on personality. If the person is dead, the application may be made to its relative or a surviving spouse. (2) If a person wishes to restore the person's status changes to personal data processing systems, so request it under the first paragraph of this article submission. (3) the application is received by the public prosecutor's Office examined the prosecution law, in so far as this law provides otherwise. (4) the application shall be considered and the Prosecutor on the case the decision shall be taken within six months from the date of receipt of the application. If necessary, the Prosecutor may extend that time limit for a period of up to one year, but with the person's written consent — up to two years from the date of receipt of the application. (5) in order to make a decision about the person's status renewal or refusal to renew a person's status, the Prosecutor requested the psychiatric expert written opinion by the Commission, as well as, if necessary, other experts, including psychiatric expert opinion. (6) Commission of expert Psychiatric work is organised by the State limited liability company "Riga psychiatric and addiction centre". Psychiatric expert opinion given by the Commission, on the basis of medical documentation that it betrayed the Prosecutor. (7) the decision of the Prosecutor on the person's status, renewal or refusal to renew a person's status or part of it can be a challenge to the Attorney General of the Republic of Latvia. The Attorney General's decision may appeal to the Court of Justice of the administrative procedure law as an administrative action. (8) if the public prosecutor finds this law referred to in article 1 and on the case not received submission, he launched checks on its own initiative, prior to the first paragraph of this article of the consent of the person concerned. 3. article. Restore the personal status (1) the decision on the renewal of the status of the person specifies the circumstances and what period of time the person had been wrongfully inserted in the USSR, Latvian or a psychiatric medical institution. That decision may be appropriate to make changes to the personal data processing systems, if this law article 2 referred to in the fifth subparagraph, the opinion of the Commission of experts finds that such a change is justified. (2) If the first paragraph of this article, the decision provides for changes in personal data processing systems, the Prosecutor shall transmit the decision of the appropriate changes to certain diseases diseased patient registry. (3) the decision on the renewal of the status of the person itself does not guarantee a repressed person's status. The law shall enter into force on 1 august 2013. The Parliament adopted the law of 20 June 2013. The President a. Smith in 2013 on July 5.