Award Of Merit Award Of The Army

Original Language Title: Conferimento di onorificenza al merito dell'Esercito

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By ministerial order No. 1042 dated September 7, 2011, Colonel Germano Saboori, born on March 12, 1957 in Viterbo, and was awarded the Silver Cross of merit of the army with the following motivation: "joint special operations group Commander, ran and matched with rare skill components of unit employed. In particular, analyzing effectively all relevant information available, brought to a successful conclusion delicate missions that allowed the neutralization of insurgent cells, the catch of major sought and seizure of large quantities of drugs, weapons and ammunition. Shining example of Commander, with his work elevated the prestige of the Italian Army in a multinational and international context ". -Farah, Bagdhis, Herat (Afghanistan), 30 January-28 February 2009.