Extension Of The Commissioner's Management Of Construction», «Societa ' Cooperativa San Matteo In Salerno.

Original Language Title: Proroga della gestione commissariale della «San Matteo societa'cooperativa edilizia», in Salerno.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL for the supervision of the cooperative system and commissarial managers Viewed the art. 12 of d.lgs. August 2, 2002, # 220; Visto l'art. 2545-sexiesdecies DC; Having regard to the d.lgs. # 165/2001, with particular reference to art. 4 subsection 2; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers December 5, 2013, # 158, embodying the organisational regulations of the Ministry of economic development, for the responsibilities of supervision of cooperative; Seen on the 17 November 4, 2014 no/SGC/D.D. 2014 by which cooperative housing society «San Mateo» based in Salerno was placed under management by Commission pursuant to art. 2545-sexiesdecies c.c. for six months and dr. Angelo Golino was appointed Government Commissioner; Considered that the appointment of a Government Commissioner, it is necessary to remedy the irregularities encountered during the extraordinary inspection completed on July 15, 2014, namely: – construction to the building permit, non-participation of the partners in the decisions of the cooperative, irregular functioning of the Board of directors who do not properly inform members about events and important choices for the partnership the bonus of 10% of the contribution payment code 3011 payable for the year 2013 the Ministry of economic development, updating of corporate books; Noting that the Commissioner is enabled to heal – building the established the building permit in order to obtain the certificate of occupancy permit ' units for sale and, therefore, the assignment of the same to its members and the consequent splitting up of the mortgage; Having acknowledged the debt collection activity taken against defaulting shareholders to acquire economic resources useful to bear the cost of expenditure necessary to complete administrative process aimed at overcoming all such urban rim run, to bear the cost of insurance and surety of the investigation concerning the VAT refund request period 2013; Having taken note of the activities carried out by the Commissioner in order to heal the other managerial irregularities that led to the Commissioner of the institution; Having regard to the report of the April 17, 2015 received at 0055134 April 20, 2014 date and acquired the number of Protocol by which the Government Commissioner calls for an extension of its mandate in order to continue the restructuring of corporate management; Considered the need to extend the above management Commissioner in order to allow for the completion of the work that is required to regulate the functioning of corporate governance by removing irregularities at the time objected to in particular: define the administrative process aimed at completing construction of the program activity structure built site in Pellezzano (SA) and recover the outstanding loan installments in respect of members in arrears building programme in question;
split the mortgage and proceed to their assignments of property towards the building site members in Sant'eustachio (SA) in good standing with the rate and provide for the recovery of outstanding loan installments against defaulting members of the program structure built in question;
proceed to the exclusion of the partner Martucci Gianfranco, pursuant to art. 15 of the articles of Association;
Verify the reliability of the accounting records of the cooperative, the 2013 budget protest from some members;
repayment of credits from the writings of the cooperative in respect of sundry debtors;
repayment of VAT refund for the period year 2013 for an amount of euro 250,000.00;
ascertain the actual construction costs attributable to each Member;
ascertain the different accounting attributable to two separate development programs sites Salerno and Battipaglia;
proceed to the convening of the extraordinary shareholders ' meeting to deliberate on modification of art. 41 of the Statute;
Decrees: Art. 1 the management company «St Matthew housing Commissioner» based in Salerno, C.F. 01053500656, it is extended until May 3, 2016. At dr. Angelo Golino are confirmed the powers already conferred with the appointment as Government Commissioner in charge.