Implementation Of Article 16, Paragraph 2, Of Decree-Law No 95 Del2012 And Understanding In The State-Regions Conference Of February 26, 2015-Year 2015.

Original Language Title: Attuazione dell'articolo 16, comma 2, del decreto-legge n. 95 del2012 e dell'intesa in Conferenza Stato - Regioni del 26 febbraio 2015- Anno 2015.

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The GENERAL ACCOUNTANT of the STATE Saw the Decree-Law July 6, 2012, n. 95, converted, with amendments, by law no August 7, 2012. 135, containing "urgent provisions for review of public spending with the invariance of services to citizens as well as measures to strengthen the commercial capital of the banking sector"; See in particular, art. 16, paragraph 2, which provides that a decree of the Ministry of economy and finance, after consulting the Standing Conference for the relations between the State, the regions and the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, resources are identified in any way caused by ordinary statute regions, including the resources allocated to regional programming of the Fund for underused areas (current development and Cohesion Fund) , and excluded those destined to finance current of the NHS and local public transport, which is reduced, for the total amount of 1000 million for each of the years 2013 and 2014 and 1050 million euros from the year 2015, for each region in proportion to the amounts established for the same years in terms of restating the objectives of internal stability pact. This reduction is made primarily on resources other than those intended for the regional programming of the Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund. In case of insufficiency of these resources are required to pay at the entrance of the State budget the amounts remaining; View the agreement enshrined in session state-regions Conference of February 26, 2015 whereby, among other things, he has been called, by the year 2015, the allocation of financial assistance of the ordinary regions in terms of resource reductions for any reason due from the State to the regions, pursuant to art. 16, paragraph 2, for 1050 million based on the table submitted by the regions, by providing for the reduction of the Fund's resources for development and cohesion; Given the need to prepare a decree of the Ministry of economy and finance that under repeated art. 16, paragraph 2, has the allocation of financial assistance to public finance objectives of ordinary regions for the year 2015 and identifying the resources they are entitled to be subject to reduction for the same year as established in the above-mentioned in the State-regions Conference; Acquired the State-regions Conference opinion at its meeting of March 25, 2015;
Decrees: Article only determination of each region's financial assistance for the year 2015 and locating resources be subject to reduction 1. For the year 2015, the financial contribution of each region to ordinary statute in terms of resource reductions for any reason due from the State to the regions, in accordance with art. 16, paragraph 2, of Decree-Law No 95 July 6, 2012, for a total of 1050 million, is determined on the basis of the amounts set out in table 1, an integral part of this Decree. 2. For the year 2015 are reduced, which amounted to € 1050 million, resources in the Fund for development and cohesion, under art. 4 of legislative decree May 31, 2011, # 88. 3. the regions that do not have sufficient capacity for the purposes of the reduction of the Development Fund and cohesion for 1050 million by June 30, 2015 indicate additional resources to be reduced. If regions fail within that period, the Ministry of economy and finance is authorized to carry out the reduction in via transfer and, where linear incapienti, resources for any reason due from the State to the regions, other than those intended for the financing of the national health service. 4. the Minister of economy and Finance shall, with the necessary changes in their decrees, the budget. 5. this Decree is transmitted to the supervisory authorities for verification of competence and shall enter into force on the day following that of its publication in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Roma, April 15, 2015 The State Accountant General: franc Recorded the Court of Auditors the Audit Office May 8, 2015 acts Ministry of economy and finance, Prev. # 1334