Suspending The Effectiveness Of The Decree Establishing The Implementing February 8, 2013 ' Techniques For Supporting The Exercise And At Industrietecniche.

Original Language Title: Sospensione dell'efficacia del decreto 8 febbraio 2013, recante lemodalita' tecniche per il sostegno all'esercizio e alle industrietecniche cinematografiche.

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The MINISTER of heritage and cultural activities and tourism Saw the Legislative Decree January 22, 2004, # 28, as amended, to reform the rules on cinematographic activity; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree of February 8, 2013, by which, in accordance with the provisions of articles 15 and 16 of that legislative decree, establishes technical modalities for supporting the exercise and industry cinematographic techniques; Considered that, on the basis of the aforementioned ministerial decree and previous ministerial decrees of implementation of art. 15 of the aforementioned legislative decree 28 of 2004, it gained an outstanding amount of capital grants for renovation, restoration and the technological modernization of cinemas, due to operating companies concerned, which, for the inability to be satisfied because of the reduction of resources available, gave rise to an equivalent debt position, equally important, the Administration against companies; Given that the law December 23, 2014, n. 191 (budgetary law) table # 13 «MIBACT», in order to remedy the situation described, he predicted, with the establishment of the appropriate chapter 8576, destination, in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, of appropriate amounts of monies for the extinction of debts to December 31, 2013 with regard to capital grants to cinemas; Recognised the need to make a regulatory approach, consisting in the replacement of the said Ministerial Decree of February 8, 2013, aimed, inter alia, to revise completely the criteria and methods of repair, restoration and support technological modernisation of cinemas made through capital grants to businesses to operate, taking into account the coexistence of other types of incentive for the same purpose , and also in order to avoid repetition, to management and the State revenue service, similar to the debt situations that required legislative action referred to «Considered» that immediately precedes; Detected the need, pending the replacement of the Ministerial Decree of February 8, 2013, regulatory intervention to end as soon as possible to the operation of the latter for the part concerning the granting of capital grants, so that it gives rise to the production of an additional amount of unsecured debts soddisfacibili by the Administration, with what foreshadowing an unescapable new thread of rescheduling similar to that referred to in the aforementioned law No. 191 of 2014;
Decrees: Art. 1 1. For the financial year 2015 and suspended the effectiveness of the Ministerial Decree of February 8, 2013, containing the technical modalities for supporting the exercise and industry cinematographic techniques, with exclusive reference to the provisions relating to the payment of capital grants for renovation, restoration and the technological modernization of cinemas. 2. With subsequent Decree, adopted after consulting the Standing Conference for the relations between the State and the regions and autonomous provinces, will be established, applicable from the fiscal year 2015, new criteria for granting and method of payment of contributions referred to in paragraph 1, substitute specific criteria and conditions laid down by the aforementioned ministerial order of February 8, 2013. This Decree will be submitted to the relevant supervisory authorities and will be published in the official journal.
Roma, April 7, 2015: Minister Fernandez Recorded the Court of Auditors on April 29, 2015 MINISTRY acts Control Department, MIBAC, Min. Health & Min. labour and social policies Prev. # 1755