Action In The Field Of Mass Rapid Transit Systems, Dismissal And Finalizing Resources Under Article 1, Comma88, December 27, 2013, Law # 147. (Resolution 21/2015).

Original Language Title: Interventi nel settore dei sistemi di trasporto rapido di massa,revoca e finalizzazione di risorse ai sensi dell'articolo 1, comma88, della legge 27 dicembre 2013, n. 147. (Delibera n. 21/2015).

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The INTERMINISTERIAL COMMITTEE FOR ECONOMIC PLANNING having regard to act February 26, 1992, n. 211, concerning "interventions in the field of mass rapid transit systems", and in particular art. 9, which provides grants for the creation of some types of mass rapid transit operations; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Republic April 20, 1994, no. 373, containing "Devolution of the functions of the interministerial Committees cancelled pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 21, of law No 537 December 24, 1993 ", and seen, in particular, article. 3, paragraph 1, which gives this Committee the functions of the suppressed Interministerial Committee for economic planning in transport (CIPET), competent to take decisions on the programs to be financed under the above Act # 211/1992; Having regard to law No 244 December 24, 2007 (Finance Act 2008), that in art. 1, paragraphs 304 and 305, established the "Fund for the promotion and support of the development of local public transport", with a total of 353 million for the years 2008 to 2010, of which 50 percent for referred to in art. 9 of law No. 211/1992 (mass rapid transport); Having regard to the Decree-Law May 27, 2008, n. 93 concerning "urgent measures to safeguard the purchasing power of households", converted by law no July 24, 2008 126, which, anticipating the art. authorization of expenditure, reductions in annex 5 wiped the aforesaid Fund; Having regard to the decree-law June 25, 2008, n. 112 concerning "urgent measures for economic development, simplification, competitiveness, the stabilization of public finance and tax equalization" and converted by law no 133, August 6, 2008 in art. 63, paragraphs 12 and 13, has restored the resources reduced by the aforementioned Decree-Law No 93/2008; Having regard to the Decree-Law July 6, 2011, # 98, and s, converted, with amendments, by law July 15, 2011, # 111, that art. 32:2 to 4 paragraphs to find the types of funding revocable;
paragraph 6 stipulates that annual dues commitment and contributions limits are revoked and to be budgeted flock to the fund specially set up in the estimates of the Ministry of infrastructure and transport ("revocation");
in paragraph 6-bis provides that the sums related to finance revoked on account are paid residuals at the entrance of the State budget to be reassigned, according to the balance of public finances, on the same "Bottom revocation";
paragraph 7 provides that this Committee establishes the allocation of resources that flow to the "Fondo revocation" for the implementation of the programme of the strategic infrastructure act December 21, 2001, no. 443, on proposal of the Minister of infrastructure and transport, in consultation with the Minister of economy and finance; Visto l'art. 1, paragraph 88 of law December 27, 2013, n. 147, recante "disposizioni per la formazione del bilancio annuale e pluriennale dello Stato (legge stability 2014)", as amended by art. 4, paragraph 4-bis of Decree-Law No 133 September 12, 2014, converted, with amendments, by law November 11, 2014, # 164, which States that, within thirty days from the date of entry into force of the law, to accelerate efforts to complete Tramways and metros in urban areas, the CIPE individuals, with a special decree, on a proposal from the Ministry of infrastructure and transport intervention to revoke funded by law February 26, 1992, # 211 and those being revoked in accordance, inter alia, of the aforementioned Decree-Law No 112/2008, which, at the date of entry into force of the Act of stability, had not been entrusted with a special invitation to tender;
that the resources contributed by these dismissals come together in the appropriate section of the Fund established in accordance with art. 32, paragraph 6, of the aforementioned Decree-Law July 6, 2011, # 98 (revocation Fund) and are intended by this Committee with priority to Milan light rail-Limbiate and Padua and Venice; Having regard to law No 56, April 7, 2014 containing "provisions on city subways, the provinces, on unions and mergers of municipalities", which includes: art. 1, paragraph 5, that, pending the reform of title V of part two of the Constitution and its implementing rules, the metropolitan cities of Turin, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Bari, Naples and Reggio Calabria will be governed by the same law;
in art. 1, paragraph 12, that the metropolitan city as per paragraph 5, first sentence, except as provided in paragraph 18 for the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria, and paragraphs 101 to 103, are constituted on the date of entry into force of the Act in the territory of the provinces of the same name;
in art. 1, paragraph 16, that the 1 January 2015 metropolitan cities come to the provinces of the same name and follow them in all reports income and expense, and you shall carry out the duties, while respecting the balance of public finances and the internal stability pact objectives;
in art. 1, paragraph 44, which drains on its own resources and transferred, without any new or increased charges for public finance and in compliance with the internal stability pact's constraints, the metropolitan city are attributed the fundamental functions of the provinces and those attributed to metropolitan city as part of the process of reorganization of the functions of the provinces pursuant to paragraphs 85 to 97 of that article as well, pursuant to art. second paragraph 117) (p), of the Constitution, more core functions;

in art. 1, paragraph 47, incumbent upon the metropolitan city assets, personnel and equipment resources of the province to which each metropolitan city universal happens in any relationship lending and borrowing, including provincial revenue, upon taking over the province; Having regard to resolution December 6, 2011, # 91 (O.j. n. 120/2012), with which this Committee, for the implementation of the new actions under art. 9 February 26, 1992, law No. 211, approved the programme of measures financed within the limit of available resources as referred to in art. 63 of Decree-Law No. 112/2008, taking into account the criteria of classification of eligible works management set out in the same resolution # 91/2011; Having regard to resolution No 25 March 18, 2013, by which, among other things, the involvement of the municipality of Bologna named "lot" complete works of Bologna: light rail station FS-P.zza Maggiore ', "it was expunged from the action programme approved by the said resolution No. 91/2011 and fundable programme interventions have been identified as follows: measure in graphic format February 13, 2015 notes Views , # 5731 and # 5907, whereby the Ministry of infrastructure and transport proposed the inclusion in the agenda of the first meeting of this Committee, and submitted its preliminary report, the topic "Revocation and finalize, pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 88 of law December 27, 2013, n. 147, as amended by art. 4, paragraph 4-bis of law November 11, 2014, # 164: assistance in the transport sector mass rapid-law no 211/1992 and ii. -Law No 133/2008 "; Took note of the findings of the investigation by the Ministry of infrastructure and transport and in particular: that the conditions for the following interventions of revocabilita is provided by art. 1, paragraph 88, of the above Act # 147/2013: measure in graphic format that, under art. 1, paragraph 88, last period, law No. 147/2013, resources to be revoked must be finalized by this Committee, with priority, inter alia, to Milan light rail-Limbiate;
the metropolitan city of Milan is the promoter of that light rail; Considering that, pursuant to the aforementioned law No 56/2014, art. 1, the metropolitan city of Milan is replaced on 1 January 2015 in all relationships, active and passive, in the former province of Milan, and shall perform the duties, including those relating to Milan light rail-Limbiate; Considered that these are general administrative abated sums which, according to the accounting rules, they can be reiscritte in the balance sheet only in favor of the creditor for the original purpose, the amount of euro 58,934,983.20, to be redeployed to the metropolitan city of Milan (former province of Milan) to implement the intervention related to Milan light rail-Limbiate, which priority under art. 1, paragraph 88, of law No 147/2013, will be reproduced on the relevant budget chapter, without transiting in the Fund withdrawals in accordance with art. 32, paragraph 6, of Decree-Law No 98/2011; Given the proposal carried out under the existing regulation of this Committee (article 3 of resolution April 30, 2012, # 62); Having regard to the note February 20, 2015, # 839, prepared jointly by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers-Department for the planning and coordination of economic policy (DIPE) and the Ministry of economy and finance and post to base of today's sitting of the Committee, containing evaluations and prescriptions from bring in this resolution; On the proposal of the Minister of infrastructure and transportation;
Resolution: 1. The interventions listed below are to be revoked in accordance with art. 1, paragraph 88 of law December 27, 2013, # 147: measure 2 in graphic format. According to the priority of use indicated at the last period of the standard cited above, the amount of € 58,934,983.20 is finalized, subject to re-entry on the relevant budget chapter, the realization of the thread "Redevelopment-urban tramway Milan-Milano, 1° lot functional Milan Comasina-Varedo storage", whose promoter, coinciding with the awarding authority, it is the metropolitan city of Milan.
Rome, February 20, 2015 President: Renzi Secretary of CIPE: Lots Recorded the Court of Auditors on April 29, 2015 control Office acts Ministry of economy and finance, Prev. # 1167