Admission To The Financing Of The Project Dm62554, Presented To The Meaning Of Article 13 Of Decree N. 593 Of August 8, 2000. (Prot. N. 3512).

Original Language Title: Ammissione al finanziamento del progetto DM62554, presentato ai sensidell'articolo 13 del decreto n. 593 dell'8 agosto 2000. (Prot. n.3512).

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The HEAD of the DEPARTMENT for higher education and research given the Decree-Law May 16, 2008, # 85 laying down: "urgent provisions for the adaptation of governance structures in accordance with art. 1, paragraphs 376 and 377, December 24, 2007, law n. 244», published in Official Gazette No. 114 of May 16, 2008, converted with amendments into law July 14, 2008, n. 121 published in the Official Journal No. 164 of July 15, 2008; Having regard to the Legislative Decree of July 27, 1999, # 297: "reorganization of discipline and streamlining procedures for the support of scientific and technological research, technology deployment, mobility of researchers ', and in particular articles 5 and 7 which provide for the establishment of a Committee, for all matters therein, and the establishment of the Fund for the facilities to research (for F.a.r.o.); Having regard to the Ministerial Decree of August 8, 2000 n. 593, establishing procedural modalities for the granting of: «facilities provided by Legislative Decree of July 27, 1999, # 297 "and, in particular, article. 13 governing actions relating to specific programming initiatives; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree of January 2, 2008, prot. GAB./4 bearing: "adapting the provisions of the Ministerial Decree of August 8, 2000 n. 593 («procedural modalities for the granting of the facilities provided by the d.lgs. July 27, 1999, n. 297 ') the Community framework on State aid to research, development and innovation communication 2006/C 323/01» registered for the Court of Auditors on April 16, 2008 reg. # 1 sheet # 388, published in Official Gazette No 119 of May 22, 2008 together with the explanatory note to the Decree itself; Having regard to the order of the Minister of economy and finance # 90402 of October 10, 2003 in consultation with the Minister for education, University and research "criteria and methods of granting of facilities provided assistance from the Fund for grants to research (for F.a.r.o.), registered at the Court of Auditors on October 30, 2003 and published in the Official Gazette of November 25, 2003 , # 274; Having regard to the framework programme-Intelligent integrated systems technology district» stipulated between the Ministry of economy and finance, the Ministry of education, University and research and the Liguria region on September 28, 2005 which provides L.297 resources charged to the MIUR/99 total Art. 13 to complete the intervention as ' industrial research within the technological district for intelligent integrated systems» of 25 million; Having regard to the application START-DM62554 entitled ' ECO-Sustainable solutions and advanced telecommunications networks technologies» presented by SIIT S.C.p.A., under the intelligent integrated systems technology district, pursuant to art. 13 August 8, 2000, D.M. n. 593; Made in accordance with art. 5 of Ministerial Decree of August 8, 2000 investigative activities planned 593; Scientific and expert instructors outcomes captured of the Institute agreement; Visto l'art. 11, paragraph 3, of Decree No. 115 of February 19, 2013, published in the official journal of the Italian Republic on May 27, 2013, containing the «method of operating and maintaining the Fund for investment in scientific research and technology (FIRST). Procedural provisions for the granting of facilitations drains on its financial resources, in accordance with articles 60, 61, 62 and 63 of Decree-Law No 83 June 22, 2012, converted, with amendments, by law No 134 August 7, 2012 '; See the availability of the facilities looking (for F.a.r.o.) for the years 2006 and earlier referred to D.D. n. 2298 of November 6, 2006; Having regard to the D.D. Prot. # 435 of March 13, 2013 for F.a.r.o. Fund resources for the year 2012; Having regard to the D.D. Prot. # 2298 of November 21, 2013 of increased resources for F.a.r.o. Fund for the year 2012; Considering that for the proposed project for funding exist or is being acquired the certification referred to in Legislative Decree of September 6, 2011, # 159; Having regard to the Legislative Decree No. 165 of March 30, 2001 laying down general rules on the sort of labour employed by Government and subsequent amendments and additions; Having regard to the Legislative Decree No. 33 of March 14, 2013 establishing a "reorganisation of the discipline concerning the obligations of publicity, transparency and provision of information by public authorities '; Considered the need to adopt, for the aforesaid project eligible for funding and within the limits of the financial availability, its ministerial decision establishing shapes, sizes, and financing terms;
Decrees: Art. 1 1. The DM62554 research project entitled ' START-ECO-Sustainable solutions and advanced telecommunications networks technologies» presented by SIIT S.C.p.A., pursuant to art. D.M. 13 August 8, 2000, # 593, is admitted to the interventions provided by the regulations mentioned in the introduction, in shapes, sizes, modes and conditions indicated, for each, the tabs attached to this Decree of which form an integral part thereof. 2. unique codes project (CUP), under art. the law of 11 January 16, 2003 # 3, relating to the beneficiaries, are shown in the list annexed to this Decree.