Percentage Differences Between Real Inflation Rate And Adjusted To The Programmed Inflation For The Year 2014.

Original Language Title: Differenze percentuali tra tasso d'inflazione reale e tassod'inflazione programmato per l'anno 2014.

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The Minister for infrastructure and transport Saw the art. 133, paragraph 3, of legislative decree April 12, 2006, # 163, as amended and supplemented, establishing the code of public contracts for works, services and supplies in implementation of directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC ', which included, among other things, that public works entrusted by contractors apply the price closed increased by a percentage to be applied in cases where the difference between actual inflation and the programmed inflation rate during the previous year exceeds 2%, to the amount of work still to be executed for each whole year planned for the completion of the works themselves. This percentage is set by Decree of the Minister of infrastructure to be issued by 31 March of each year, to the extent exceeding the predicted percentage of 2%; Having regard to the Decree-Law May 16, 2008, n. 85, converted, with amendments, by law no July 14, 2008 121 establishing "urgent provisions for the adaptation of governance structures" and, in particular, article. 1, paragraph 3, which have been attributed to the Ministry of infrastructure and transport the functions assigned to the Ministry of transport; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers in February 11, 2014, # 72, laying down the rules of organisation of the Ministry of infrastructure and transport, in accordance with art. 2 of Decree-Law No July 6, 2012. 95, converted, with amendments, by law, August 7, 2012 # 135; Saw the ruling # 5088/06 of the Council of State, section six, which ruled that the Decree of the Minister of infrastructure, now Minister of infrastructure and transport, referred to in art. 133 Legislative Decree 163/2006, must be enacted annually even if the percentage increase, because price closed Institute operates, not be superseded; Having regard to the data provided, with its communication of February 2, 2015, the Ministry of economy and finance, processed on ISTAT data and planning documents, which show the following deviation between actual inflation and the programmed inflation rate: year 2014 percentage point deviation = 0.00 Decrees: Art. 1 there has been no deviations greater than 2 percent between real inflation rate and the inflation rate in the year 2014. This Decree is published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Roma, April 24, 2015 the Minister: Daniel