Legal Tender, Contingent And Method Of Disposal Of Moneted Silver 10 Euro Commemorative "100 Years Before 1915-2015" Ils Proof, Thousandth 2015.

Original Language Title: Corso legale, contingente e modalita' di cessione delle moneted'argento da euro 10 commemorative del «Centenario Prima GuerraMondiale 1915-2015», versione proof, millesimo 2015.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL of the TREASURY having regard to law No 559 July 13, 1966 laying down: «new ordering of the Istituto poligrafico dello Stato "; Visto l'art. 1 of law March 18, 1968, # 309, which envisages the sale of coins special manufacture or choice for Italian or foreign bodies, associations and individuals; Having regard to law No 154 April 20, 1978, concerning the establishment of the Brand section within the Istituto poligrafico dello Stato, Having regard to the Legislative Decree of April 21, 1999, n. 116 laying: «Reordering of the Istituto poligrafico e zecca dello Stato for its transformation into a joint stock company, in accordance with articles 11 and 14 of the law March 15, 1997, # 59 '; Having regard to the resolution of C.I.P.E. of August 2, 2002, n. 59, published in the Official Journal No. 244 of October 17, 2002, with which the Istituto poligrafico e zecca dello Stato, as from that date of October 17, 2002, it was transformed into a joint stock company; Having regard to the 5° paragraph of art. December 27, 2002, law No. 87 289 concerning minting and issuance of coins for collectors; Having regard to the European Central Bank's decision of December 11, 2014 on the approval of the volume of coin issuance for 2015; Having regard to the Decree of the Director General of the Treasury # 7016 of January 27, 2015, published in Official Gazette No. 24 of January 30, 2015, which authorizes the issuance of silver coins by euro 10 "Centenary commemorative World War I 1915-2015», thousandth 2015, as proof; Considering that it is necessary to establish the date from which such coins have legal tender status; Deemed it necessary to determine the quota and discipline and the distribution of such coins;
Decrees: Art. 1 silver coins from 10 euro commemorative "Centenary of first world war 1915-2015», thousandth 2015, as proof, having the characteristics referred to in the Decree of the Director General of the Treasury # 7016 of January 27, 2015, stated in the introduction, are legal tender since May 5, 2015.