Amendment To Decree August 1, 2012 With Which The Lab Eptanord S.r.l., In San Francisco, It Was Renewed The Authorization Certificate Of Analysis Alrilascio In The Wine Sector.

Original Language Title: Modifica al decreto 1º agosto 2012 con il quale al laboratorio EptaNord S.r.l., in Conselve , e' stata rinnovata l'autorizzazione alrilascio dei certificati di analisi nel settore vitivinicolo.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL for the promotion of quality food products and horse racing Saw the Legislative Decree March 30, 2001, # 165, laying down general rules on the sort of labour employed in public administration, and in particular art. 16. d); Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) no 606/2009 of July 10, 2009 concerning certain modalities for the application of Regulation (EC) no 479/2008 as regards the categories of Grapevine products, oenological practices and the applicable restrictions that in art. 15 provides for the control of the provisions and limits laid down by Community law for the production of wine products using analytical methods described in the compendium of international methods of analysis of wines and grape musts of the OIV; Having regard to Council Regulation (EC) no 1308/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of December 17, 2013 organisation of the markets in agricultural products and repealing Regulations (EEC) no 922/72, (EEC) No 234/79, no 1037/2001 and (EC) No 1234/2007 and in particular art. 80, where it is expected that the Commission shall, where necessary, acts establishing the methods under art. 75, paragraph 5, point d), in respect of the products listed in part II of annex VII and that these methods are based on relevant methods recommended and published by the international organisation of vine and wine (OIV), unless such methods are ineffective or inappropriate for attaining the objective pursued by the Union; Having regard to the Regulation (EU) No. 1308/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 December that in art. 80, last paragraph, provides that pending the adoption of such methods of execution, the methods and rules to be used are those allowed by the Member State concerned; Having regard to the Regulation (EU) No. 1308/2013 that in art. 146 provides for the designation by Member States, of laboratories authorised to carry out official analyses in the wine sector; Seen the Decree 1° August 2012, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica italiana (General series) # 192 of August 18, 2012 with which the lab «», Epta Nord S.r.l. Conselve (PD), Via Padova n. 58 it was renewed the authorization to issue certificates of analysis in the wine sector; Given that the aforementioned lab with a note of April 13, 2015 announced that it has revised the list of evidence for analysis; Given that the tests indicated in the annex are methods of analysis recommended and published by the international organisation of vine and wine (OIV); Given that he's been designated by Decree ACCREDIA December 22, 2009 as the only Italian Agency to carry out activities for accreditation and market surveillance; Considered the need to replace the evidence of analysis set out in the annex to the Decree 1° August 2012;
Decrees: sole article the evidence of analysis set out in the annex to Decree 1° August 2012 to which the laboratory «Epta in North S.r.l.» Conselve (PD), Via Padova n. 58, allowed are replaced by the following: == === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === |  Name of test |  Standard/method |
| Total acidity | OIV BUT AS313-01 R2009 |
| Volatile acidity | OIV BUT AS313-02 R2009 |
| Free sulfur dioxide and | |
| total | OIV BUT-AS323-04B R2009 |
| Ashes | OIV BUT-AS2-04 R2009 |
| Methanol | OIV-03 in MA-AS312 R2009 |
| Reducing substances | AS311-01-OIV BUT to R2009 |
| Ochratoxin A | OIV-10 MA-AS315 R2011 |
| pH  | OIV BUT AS313-15 R2011 |
+------------------------------+----------------------------+ This Decree is published in the official journal of the Italian Republic and shall enter into force on the day following its publication.
Roma, April 17, 2015 Director General: Cat