Replacement Of Liquidator Of Cooperativaedilizia Limited Liability Company «The Piron», In Bologna.

Original Language Title: Sostituzione del commissario liquidatore della «Societa' cooperativaedilizia a responsabilita' limitata I Piron», in Bologna.

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The MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers December 5, 2013, # 158, embodying the organisational regulations of the Ministry of economic development, for the responsibilities of supervision of cooperative; Having regard to the Decree-Law No 95 July 6, 2012, converted into law August 7, 2012, # 135; Given the directorial Decree March 17, 1998, whereby the societa ' cooperativa "limited liability cooperative housing society the Piron", based in Bologna, it was placed in receivership and Dr. He was appointed liquidator; Considering that the said Commissioner has proceeded to make to this supervisory authority the six-monthly reports on the financial position and results of operations of the liquidation provided for in art. 205 Royal Decree March 16, 1942, no. 267, despite having been formally warned to fulfill this obligation by note dated July 4, 2014, pursuant to art. 37 bankruptcy law; As with the note above the July 4, 2014, pursuant to art. 7, law August 7, 1990, n. 241, it was simultaneously press start the investigation for the withdrawal of the aforementioned liquidator; Given that the competent Division VI, with a note of October 9, 2014 has requested the liquidator to provide suitable supplement to counterclaims produced, making the same generic and insufficient and that the liquidator has not carried out the above request; Having regard to the proposal by which the Directorate-General for the supervision of, the cooperative system and the outcome of the investigation conducted commissarial administrations, requires the revocation of appointment as liquidator of avv. Peter Maher and his replacement; Visto l'art. 198 Royal Decree March 16, 1942, # 267; Visto l'art. 37 Bankruptcy Act.;
Decrees: Art. 1 the lawyer. Peter Maher, already appointed liquidator of the company "limited liability cooperative housing society the Piron", based in Bologna, with directorial Decree March 17, 1998, pursuant to art. 37 1. fall., it is revoked by the Commission.