Reduction Of Resources Of Any Kind Payable To The Municipality Venice, Following The Transfer Of The Compendium Called «Venice Arsenal».

Original Language Title: Riduzione delle risorse a qualsiasi titolo spettanti al comune diVenezia, a seguito del trasferimento del compendio denominato«Arsenale di Venezia».

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The MINISTER of economy and finance Saw the Royal Decree of November 18, 1923, n. 2440, ' new regulations on the administration of the assets and the general accounting of the State "; See Royal Decree May 23, 1924, n. 827, "regulations for the administration of the assets and to the general accounting of the State"; Having regard to Act May 5, 2009, no. 42, "delegates to the Government on fiscal federalism, in art. 119 of the Constitution "; Having regard to law No 196, December 31, 2009 "law of accounting and public finance"; Having regard to the Legislative Decree May 28, 2010, # 85, "attribution to municipalities, provinces, metropolitan cities and regions of their own heritage, in art. 19 of the law May 5, 2009, # 42 "; Having regard to the Decree-Law July 6, 2012, # 95, passed into law, with amendments, by law no August 7, 2012. 135, "urgent provisions for review of public spending with the invariance of services to citizens as well as measures to strengthen the commercial capital of the banking sector"; See in particular paragraph 19 bis art. 3 of that Decree-Law July 6, 2012, # 95, as amended by art. 34, paragraph 3, point b) of Decree-Law No October 18, 2012. 179, converted, with amendments, by law no December 17, 2012. 221, that the compendium which is the arsenal of Venice, with the exception of the portions that are used by the Ministry of defence for its specific institutional tasks, he moved, because of historical and environmental features, free of charge on property, factual and legal State in which it is located, the municipality of Venice; Considering that, to that end, the municipality ensures free use, for the portions of the arsenal used to complete the operations center and ancillary services of the MOSE system as well as for the use made by the fondazione La Biennale di Venezia ", CNR and anyway by all public ivi currently allocated for carrying out official duties; Given that the invoked paragraph 19 bis art. 3 of Decree-Law No 95/2012 provides, also, that by Decree of the Minister of economy and finance is defined, from the date of the transfer, the reduction of resources of any kind payable to the municipality of Venice, in an amount equal to 70 percent of the revenue reduction in revenue as a result of the transfer, since the remaining 30 percent bound to the target for exploitation by the municipality of Venice; Having regard to the note prot. # 14029 of May 29, 2013, with which the Agenzia del demanio announced that, with minutes signed on February 6, 2013 by the Ministry of defence, the Ministry of infrastructure and transport-Magistrato delle Acque di Venezia and the Agenzia del demanio, she proceeded to the perimeter and demarcation of the compendium called "arsenal", identifying the functional areas of institutional activities of the Ministry of defence and therefore excluded from the transfer in ownership to the city of Venice; Whereas, with the same footnote. 14029, the Agenzia del demanio represented have subscribed, on the same date of February 6, 2013, together with the municipality of Venice the completion certificate to the municipal administration of the portion of the compendium which is the "Arsenale di Venezia" object of property transfer free of charge in accordance with art. 19-bis, paragraph 3, of Decree-Law No July 6, 2012. 95, and that from that date the common is replaced in all reports the assets and liabilities relating to the portion of the compendium received property; Given the enclosed brochures prot notes. # 14029 of May 29, 2013 and prot. # 28432 of November 6, 2014, where the Agenzia del demanio indicated in usages being transferred free of charge in the compendium to the municipality of Venice, together with the amount of the annual fee due to the State, for the year 2012, and the uses which, by virtue of the provisions of art. 19-bis, paragraph 3, of Decree-Law No July 6, 2012. 95, are free; Considering that, in the year 2012, the total annual fees assessed by the State for pecuniary interest resulting from the above statements, amounts to 107,598.01 euros, so the overall reduction of sums of any kind due to the city of Venice is determined in euros 75,318.61, representing 70 per cent of that amount; In view of the fact that A.C.T.V. S.p.A. and ENEL S.p.A. stood the State fee for the year 2013;
Decrees: Art. 1 1. With effect from February 6, 2013, resources for any reason whatsoever payable to the municipality of Venice, are reduced in an amount equal to 70 percent of the reduction in tax revenue due to the same property transfer City of Venice the Venice arsenal constituent part of the compendium. 2. The extent of this reduction is quantified at euros 75,318.61, representing 70 percent of total tax revenue in the year 2012 euro 107,598.01 verified for canons licensors arising from uses for consideration of the compendium transferred.