Text Of The Decree-Law No 7 February 18, 2015 (Official Journal-General Series-# 41 Of February 19, 2015), Coordinated With The Law Of Conversion April 17, 2015, # 43 (In The Same Official Journal-To Page 1): "detention Urge ...

Original Language Title: Testo del decreto-legge 18 febbraio 2015, n. 7 (in Gazzetta Ufficiale- serie generale - n. 41 del 19 febbraio 2015), coordinato con lalegge di conversione 17 aprile 2015, n. 43 (in questa stessa GazzettaUfficiale - alla pag. 1 ), recante: «Misure urge...

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Warning: The coordinated text published here was drawn up by the Ministry of Justice in accordance with art. 11, paragraph 1, of the consolidated text of provisions concerning the promulgation of laws, the enactment of decrees of the President of the Republic and the official publications of the Italian Republic, approved by P.r.decree December 28, 1985, # 1092, and art. 10, paragraph 3, of the same text only, in order to facilitate the reading of the provisions of the decree-law, integrated with changes made by the conversion law, which of those mentioned in the Decree, transcribed in the notes. Do not change the value and effectiveness of legislative acts herein.
Changes made by the Act of conversion are printed in italics.
These changes are shown in video between the marks ((...)).
In accordance with art. 15, paragraph 5, of law August 23, 1988, # 400 (discipline of government activity and sorting of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers), the amendments made by the law of conversion shall take effect from the day following that of its publication.
Art. 1 New types of crime on terrorism 1. In article 270-quater of the criminal code, the following is added after the first subparagraph: "Out of the cases referred to in article 270-bis, and except in the case of training, the person hired is punished with imprisonment from ((five to eight years)).". 2. After article 270-quater of the criminal code is inserted as follows: «Art. 270-c. 1 (Organization of transfers for terrorist purposes) except where provided for in articles 270-270-bis and quater, whoever organizes, finances or propaganda trips ((in foreign territory)) aimed at fulfilling pipes with purpose of terrorism referred to in article 270-e, is liable to imprisonment ((five to eight years)). ". 3. in article 270-quinquies of the Penal Code, are made to the following modifications: a) at the end of the first paragraph, after the words "the person trained» are added as follows:" as well as of the person having acquired, even yourself, instructions for carrying out the acts referred to in the first sentence, gives rise to behaviours ((uniquely)) aimed at the Commission of the conduct referred to in article 270-e '; b) is added after the first subparagraph: "the penalties provided for in this article shall be increased if the fact ((who trains or educates)) is committed through computer or telecommunications instruments.». ((3-bis. The condemnation of the crimes provided for in articles 270-270-bis, ter, quater 1, 270-270-quarter. and 270-quinquies of the Penal Code entails the loss of accessory penalty parental rights when a child is involved. ))