Determination Of Maximum Annual Total Cost For Dimutuo Operations Carried Out By Local Authorities, Pursuant To Decree-Law No 66 March 2, 1989, Converted, With Amendments, By Law No 144 April 24, 1989.

Original Language Title: Determinazione del costo globale annuo massimo per le operazioni dimutuo effettuate dagli enti locali, ai sensi del decreto-legge 2marzo 1989, n. 66, convertito, con modificazioni, dalla legge 24aprile 1989, n. 144.

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The MINISTER of economy and finance Saw the March 2, 1989, Decree No. 66, bearing urgent provisions regarding the tax autonomy of local authorities and local finance, converted, with amendments, by law No 144 April 24, 1989. See, in particular, article. 22, paragraph 2, of that decree-law, which provides that the Secretary of the Treasury determines periodically, by Decree, the maximum conditions or other terms applicable to loans to be granted to local authorities in order to obtain uniformity of treatment; Having regard to the Decree of May 19, 2014, published in Official Gazette No 117 of May 22, 2014, with which were fastened above the maximum conditions applicable to loans concluded after the date of entry into force of the Decree; Withholding the opportunity to modify the conditions set out in the aforementioned ministerial decree of May 22, 2014, setting new maximum levels most representative of the market levels;
Decrees: Art. 1 1. The loans, in accordance with art. 22 March 2, 1989, Decree-Law No. 66 converted, with amendments, by law No 144, April 24, 1989 by local authorities under art. 2, paragraph 1, of legislative decree August 18, 2000, n. 267 (Testo Unico about sorting of local authorities), are set at a fixed rate or variable rate.