Authorisation To Carry Out Fishing Activities In The Dimartedi ' Day June 2, 2015, By Way Of Derogation From Article 3 Of The Decree July 23, 2014.

Original Language Title: Autorizzazione allo svolgimento dell'attivita' di pesca nel giorno dimartedi' 2 giugno 2015, in deroga all'articolo 3 del decreto 23luglio 2014.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL of sea-fishing and aquaculture products given the Decree May 26, 2004, n. 154 concerning Modernization of fisheries and aquaculture products, in accordance with art. 1, paragraph 2, of the law March 7, 2003, n. 38; Having regard to act June 4, 2010, n. 96 laying down rules for the fulfilment of the obligations arising from Italy's membership of the European communities-Community Law 2009, in particular art. 28-the Government Delegation for the reorganization of the rules on fisheries and aquaculture; Having regard to the Legislative Decree of January 9, 2012, # 4, published in Official Gazette No. 26 of 1 February 2012, laying down Measures for the reorganization of the rules on fisheries and aquaculture, according to art. 28 June 4, 2010, law No. 96; Having regard to the December 22, 2000 decree amending the Ministerial Decree July 21, 1998 concerning the discipline of fishing bivalve molluscs; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree of January 12, 1995, n. 44, concerning the regulation establishing rules on the establishment of consortia between fishing companies catching bivalve molluscs; Having regard to the Ministerial Decree 1 December 1998, # 515, relating to the regulation governing the activities of these associations of management; Having regard to the order of the Minister of agricultural food and forestry policies on July 23, 2014, published in Official Gazette No. 193 of August 21, 2014 concerning the temporary cessation of fishing activities required years ' 2014; See in particular paragraph 1 of art. 3 of that Decree, which provides that with specific directorial decision authorized the conduct of fishing activities; Consider the festivity of the current calendar year; Held at the same time necessary to ensure a proper balance between the availability of resources and the activity of catch at sea, which is why fishing enterprises are still required to maintain its recovery agenda June 2, 2015; Considered reasonable to concede the day of Tuesday 2 June in relation to the festivities of the current calendar year;
Decrees: Art. 1 1. By way of derogation under art. 3, comma 1 del D.M. July 23, 2014, optionally allowed and individual enterprise in all maritime Compartments holding up fishing with purse seine trawl and/or steering wheel systems and in the only public holiday on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. 2. enterprises are obliged to report in advance maritime authorities the will to carry out the activities ' of fishing in the day referred to in paragraph 1. 3. in order to ensure a proper balance between available resources and fishing catches at sea, companies adhering to the provisions referred to in paragraph 1, have the obligation to recover the fishing days no later than June 30, 2015.