The Commission's Overarching Determination To Be Acknowledged, For Year 2015, Banks For Financing Operations Previstedalla May 25, 1978, Law No. 234 (Ship Financing).

Original Language Title: Determinazione della commissione onnicomprensiva da riconoscersi, perl'anno 2015, alle banche per le operazioni di finanziamento previstedalla legge 25 maggio 1978, n. 234 (credito navale).

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The MINISTER of economy and finance having regard to Act May 25, 1978, n. 234, embodying amendments and additions to the legislation concerning the ship financing; Having regard to the Legislative Decree 1 September 1993, n. 385, establishing a "consolidated laws on banking and credit"; Having regard to the resolution of the ICRC on March 3, 1994 on "review of the determination of the reference rate for subsidized credit"; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of the Treasury of December 21, 1994, establishing a "new criteria for the determination of the reference rates applicable to operations of subsidized credit under various laws"; In consultation with the Bank of Italy; Given the need to determine, by the year 2015, all-encompassing the Commission to recognize the banks for credit operations related charges laid down by the law mentioned above;
Decrees: Commission all-encompassing to be recognized to banks for associated charges to credit subsidies provided for by said law in premise and attached, by the year 2015, the extent of 0.93%. This Decree will be published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Roma, March 26, 2015 the Minister: P