The Commission's Overarching Determination To Be Acknowledged, For Year 2015, Banks For Associated Charges At Operazioniagevolate Of Agrarian Credit For Improvement.

Original Language Title: Determinazione della commissione onnicomprensiva da riconoscersi, perl'anno 2015, alle banche per gli oneri connessi alle operazioniagevolate di credito agrario di miglioramento.

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The MINISTER of economy and finance Saw the Royal Decree-Law No July 29, 1927. 1509, converted, with amendments, by law, July 5, 1928 # 1760 and subsequent amendments and additions, laying down measures for the sort of agrarian credit; Having regard to Act May 9, 1975, n. 153 and subsequent amendments and additions concerning the application of the Council directives of the European communities for the reform of agriculture; Having regard to the Legislative Decree 1 September 1993, # 385, bearing the "consolidated laws on banking and credit"; Having regard to the resolution of the ICRC on March 3, 1994 on "review of the determination of the reference rate for subsidized credit"; Having regard to the Decree of the Minister of the Treasury of December 21, 1994, establishing a "new criteria for the determination of the reference rates applicable to operations of subsidized credit under various laws"; In consultation with the Bank of Italy; Given the need to determine, by the year 2015, all-encompassing measure of the Commission to recognize the intermediaries for performing special tasks of agrarian credit for improvement;
Decrees: Commission all-encompassing to be recognized to the banks for special operations-related burdens of agrarian credit for improvement is set for the year 2015, as follows: a) 1.18% for conditional contracts were signed in 2015;
b) 1.18% for the final contracts were signed in 2015 and conditional contracts concluded until 2014. This Decree will be published in the official journal of the Italian Republic.
Roma, March 26, 2015 the Minister: P