Press Release About Publishing On The Institutional Site Delprovvedimento Related Documentation Required For Renewing Your ' Marketing Authorisation Of Homeopathic Medicinal Products.

Original Language Title: Comunicato relativo alla pubblicazione sul sito istituzionale delprovvedimento relativo alla documentazione necessaria per il rinnovodell'autorizzazione all'immissione in commercio di medicinaliomeopatici.

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With reference to the provision in art. 1, paragraph 590 of the Act December 23, 2014 # 190: "urgent provisions for the formation of the annual and multiannual budgetary aid" (law of stability 2015) that "by March 31, 2015, the AIFA locates a provision, published in the Official Gazette, the documentation required for the renewal of marketing authorisation for medicinal products referred to in the first sentence according to the simplified mode (...)" for the purposes of issuing of orders for renewal of the authorisation of homeopathic medicinal products referred to in article 20 of Legislative Decree no April 24, 2006. 219, and subsequent amendments, it should be noted that its measure is posted on the corporate website AIFA.