Survey Of Global Trends, Actual Rates Under Leggesull ' Wear. The Survey Period 1 St October-December 31, 2014. Application From 1° April To June 30, 2015.

Original Language Title: Rilevazione dei tassi effettivi globali medi, ai sensi della leggesull'usura. Periodo di rilevazione 1° ottobre - 31 dicembre 2014.Applicazione dal 1° aprile al 30 giugno 2015.

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The HEAD of the Treasury Department's March 7, 1996 law View V, n. 108, containing provisions relating to wear and, in particular, article 2, paragraph 1, which States that "the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Bank of Italy and the Italian Foreign Exchange Office, notes quarterly average global effective rate, including commissions, salaries and expenses for any reason, except for taxes, interest charged by banks and refers to year by financial intermediaries the lists held by the Italian Foreign Exchange Office and Bank of Italy under articles 106 and 107 of Legislative Decree 1 September 1993, n. 385, during the previous quarter to operations of the same nature "; Having regard to its Decree of September 29, 2014, bearing the "classification of credit operations for homogeneous categories for the purpose of detecting actual average global rates by banks and financial intermediaries"; See, most recently, the Decree of December 24, 2014, published in the Official Gazette No. 301 of December 30, 2014 and, in particular, article 3, paragraph 3, which gives the Bank of Italy the task of proceeding to the quarter 1 St October 2014-31 December 2014 the recognition of global average effective rates by banks and financial intermediaries; Had in mind the "guidelines for the disclosure of the average global effective rate under the law on usury" issued by the Bank of Italy (published in the Official Gazette # 200 of August 29, 2009); Having regard to the actual global rate averages reported detection by banks and financial intermediaries with reference to the period 1 October 2014-31 December 2014 and in view of the change in the period following the quarter of reference, the average value of the Eurosystem's main refinancing operations rate determined by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank, whose extent replaces that of the rate determined by the Bank of Italy pursuant to d.lgs. June 24, 1998 n. 213, replacing the official discount rate; Having regard to Decree-Law No December 29, 2000. 394, converted, with amendments, into law February 28, 2001, n. 24, bearing authentic interpretation of law March 7, 1996, n. 108, and the statistical survey carried out in 2002 for the Bank of Italy and the Italian cognitive changes, conducted on a sample of intermediaries in the manner indicated in methodological note, with regard to supplement established contractually for cases of late payment; Having regard to Directive of the Minister dated May 12, 1999 on the introduction of Legislative Decree No. 29/1993 and subsequent modifications and additions regarding the delimitation of the scope of responsibility of the political leadership and administrative; Given that, as a result of this directive, the disclosure of the actual average global rates pursuant to art. 2 of law No 108/1996, comes under the administrative responsibility of the Summit; Had this article. 62 of Legislative Decree No 23 1 November 21, 2007, published in the Official Journal No. 290 of December 14, 2007, which placed the Italian Foreign Exchange Office suppression and passing skills and powers to the Bank of Italy; In consultation with the Bank of Italy;
Decrees: Art. 1 1. Actual rates are global medium, based on year, charged by banks and financial intermediaries, determined in accordance with article 2, paragraph 1, of law March 7, 1996, n. 108, 1 St October 2014-31 December 2014 with regard to quarter, are shown in the table annexed (Annex A).