Updates For The Year 2015, Unitary State-Owned Maritime Concessions To Deicanoni Measures.

Original Language Title: Aggiornamenti relativi all'anno 2015, delle misure unitarie deicanoni per le concessioni demaniali marittime.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL for the supervision of port authorities, port infrastructure and maritime transport and inland waterways Saw the Ministerial Decree July 19, 1989, published in the Official Gazette of December 23, 1989, n. 299, adopted in implementation of the provisions contained in art. 10, paragraph 1, of Decree-Law No March 4, 1989. 77, converted, with amendments, by law May 5, 1989, # 160, which introduces new criteria for the determination of charges relating to state-owned maritime concessions granted with effect after 1 January 1989; Having regard to the Decree-Law October 5, 1993, no. 400 laying ' provisions for the determination of fees for State-owned maritime concessions ", converted, with amendments and additions, the law December 4, 1993, # 494, and in particular art. 04, on the basis of which the fees relating to state-owned maritime concessions with effect from 1 January 1995 shall be updated annually, by Decree of the Ministry of transport, based on the average of the indices determined by ISTAT for consumer prices for families of workers and employees and to the corresponding values for the wholesale market (prices charged by wholesalers); Having regard to decision No 153/97, by which the Court of Auditors ' Control Section, in the meeting of October 23, 1997, considered that the minimum size of Canon-provided by art. Ministerial Decree 9 July 19, 1989-should be reevaluated annually with the foregoing criteria; Having regard to act December 27, 2006, # 296 (Finance Act 2007), art. 1, paragraphs 250-256, which introduced new rules on the use of State-owned assets law tourist recreational marine and new criteria for the determination of fees for both tourist and recreational concessions as well as those intended for boating; Given the need for upgrading of the measures of the fees for the year 2015; Given that the National Institute of statistics-having the specific request of this Administration-told, for the period September 2013-September 2014, with note prot. # 9053 on October 17, 2014 the consumer price index for the families of workers and employees ( -0.1%) and with note prot. # 10522 on 1 St December 2014 the producer price index of industrial products ( -1.7%), instead of the prices charged by wholesalers; Considering that the average of these indices, for the period September 2013-September 2014, last month useful for applying the adjustment from 1 January 2015, is equal to -0.9%;
Decrees: 1. Unit measures of State-owned maritime concessions-related fees are out of date, by the year 2015, by applying the reduction of the zero point nine percent unit of canons certain measures for 2014. 2. Unit measures so updated form the basis of calculation for determination of applicable to state-owned maritime concessions issued or renewed as from 1 January 2015. 3. The same percentage applies to concessions in force 1 January 2015 even ' previously released. 4. The minimum amount of fee of € 359.27-provided by art. Ministerial Decree 9 July 19, 1989-is reduced to € 356.04 with effect from 1 January 2015. 5. Apply the minimum amount of € 356.04 to concessions for which annual measurement, determined according to the previous paragraphs, should be lower than the quoted minimum limit. This Decree will be submitted to the Court of Auditors for registration.
Rome, December 9, 2014 General Manager: Pascual Recorded the Court of Auditors on February 18, 2015 control Office acts Ministry of infrastructure and transport and Ministry of the environment, protection of land and sea, register # 1, sheet # 888