January 10, 2013, Notwithstanding The Provisions Referred To In Decree # 20 On «National Sistemiruote Approval Rules, And Appropriate Procedures For Their Replacement Or Qualielementi Installation Integration By Parts.

Original Language Title: Deroga alle disposizioni di cui al decreto 10 gennaio 2013, n. 20,concernente «Norme in materia di approvazione nazionale di sistemiruote, nonche' procedure idonee per la loro installazione qualielementi di sostituzione o di integrazione di parti di v...

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The HEAD of the DEPARTMENT for transport, navigation, General Affairs and personnel having regard to the Legislative Decree of April 30, 1992, # 285, establishing a "new rules of the road", and subsequent amendments and additions, and, in particular, article. diaccertamento 75, regarding the requirements of fitness for circulation and approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, whose paragraph 3-bis refer to decrees of the Minister of infrastructure and transport the adoption of specific rules for national approval of systems, components and technical entity as well as the appropriate procedures for their installation which elements of replacement or integration of vehicle parts on types of cars and motorcycles that are new or in circulation; Having regard to the order of the Minister of infrastructure and transport January 10, 2013, # 20 on "regulation laying down rules on national approval procedures as well as wheel systems for their installation as elements of integration or replacement of parts of vehicles on new cars or into circulation ', published in the Official Journal No. 56 of March 7, 2013 and specifically, article. 10, paragraph 2, which States: "After twelve months from the date of entry into force of this Decree, which may not be placed on the wheel systems products in the absence of the provisions of this Decree, the provisions of art. 77, paragraph 3-bis, Legislative Decree No 285 April 30, 1992»; Having regard to the order of the Minister of infrastructure and transport May 15, 2014, n. 84, on «regulations containing the postponement of a period of entry into force of the provisions referred to in the Decree of the Minister of infrastructure and transportation, January 10, 2013 # 20»; Having regard to opinion No. 56/2015 of the State Council, consultative, regulatory actions section, in the meeting of February 12, 2015, he expressed in that provision for derogation in question cannot be governed, at present, with norma regulate and which remains in the Ministry of infrastructure and transport a chance to carry out general administrative act of the exemption at issue; Given the opportunity, in relation to the current economic situation and the subsequent market downturn for the sector, to provide for a derogation in exceptional cases for the marketing on their territory of wheeled Recumbents in stock, produced and imported by November 30, 2014;
Decrees: Art. 1 In connection with the need to dispose of stocks of imported products by November 30, 2014 wheel systems, today legitimately present in the territory of the European Union, by way of exception, each system may be marketed in Italy no later than September 30, 2015. You therefore derogation exclusively for above wheel systems, as established by art. 10 paragraph 2 of the Decree of the Minister of infrastructure and transport on January 10, 2013, no. 20, as amended by Decree of the Minister of infrastructure and transport on May 15, 2014, # 84.