Variation To The Local Company «P.r.g. Faggiano Anna, Salvatore Edangela».

Original Language Title: Variante al P.R.G. dell'area ditta «Faggiano Anna, Salvatore edAngela».

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The Government of the region of Puglia with Act n. 10 of 1/8/2015 (Executive by statute), definitively resolved: to adopt, in accordance with art. 16 of the regional law n. 56/1980, the variation of the TAR Lecce P.R.G. for compliance with judgments Nos. 3053-3054-3055-3056 of 2008, children's company «Faggiano Anna, Salvatore and Angela, adopted with D.C.C. # 52/2009, as well as tailored to regional requirements referred to callbacks D.G.R. n. 455/2012, Dc 29-05-2013 # 43 of resolution right.