Amendments To The Statute.

Original Language Title: Modifiche allo Statuto.

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The CHAIRMAN of the Technical Committee authorising officer having regard to the Decree of the Ministry of education, universities and research of the January 30, 2006 published in the Official Journal No. 31 of February 7, 2006, which established the telematic University "e-Campus"; Having regard to the Statute of the telematic University "e-Campus"; Seen on the 11 July 25, 2011 # 85/rectoral Decree, published in the Official Gazette No. 197 of August 25, 2011-General series; Having regard to the 13 of October 14, 2013 # 70/rectoral Decree, published in the Official Gazette n. 258 of November 4, 2013-General series; Having regard to Act May 9, 1989, no. 168; Having regard to the opinion of the technical-Supervisory Committee of November 26, 2014; Having regard to the resolution of the Board of Directors of the Foundation "e-Campus" of December 4, 2014; Considered the course of terms pursuant to art. 20 of law no 241 of 1990 regarding the formation of the tacit agreement on the communication of the change Office acquired by the Ministry of education on December 23, 2014;
Decrees the following Statute: Art. 1 Establishment and sources of law 1.1. It is established the telematic University (private) "e-Campus", hereinafter referred to as "e-Campus" University ", headquartered in Novedrate (Como). 1.2. "e-Campus University» is promoted and supported by the" Foundation "e-Campus" for University and research», hereinafter referred to as the «Foundation», which ensures the achievement of institutional goals and provides related resources necessary for operation. 1.3. "e-Campus University» has legal personality and functional autonomy, teaching, scientific, administrative, organisational, financial and accounting as provided by art. 33, last paragraph, of the Constitution and in accordance with art. 1, paragraph 2, of the consolidated text of the laws on higher education approved by Royal Decree August 31, 1933, no. 1592, and subsequent amendments and additions. 1.4. Are regulations specific sources of the University "e-Campus": constitutional provisions and the provisions of the higher education Act regarding non-State universities authorized to issue academic qualifications having legal value; the Interministerial Decree April 17, 2003 establishing criteria and procedures for the accreditation of distance courses of State and non-State universities and higher education institutions authorised to issue academic degrees in art. 3 October 22, 2004, Decree No. 270; This statute; the regulations mentioned in the Statute and those relating to specific topics, approved by the Board of Directors of the University "e-Campus".