Deferment From March 31, 2015 At May 31, 2015 Deadline For Ladeliberazione Of The Budget For The Year 2015 Of The Entilocali.

Original Language Title: Differimento dal 31 marzo 2015 al 31 maggio 2015 del termine per ladeliberazione del bilancio di previsione per l'anno 2015 degli entilocali.

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Interior Minister Seen art. 151, paragraph 1, of the consolidated text of the laws on sorting of local authorities, approved with Legislative Decree No 267 August 18, 2000, which sets December 31 as the deadline for the deliberation of the budget for the following year by local authorities and States that the term can be deferred by order of the Minister of the Interior, in consultation with the Minister of economy and finance After consulting the State Conference-city and local authorities, in the presence of motivated requirements; See the previous decree on December 24, 2014, published in the Official Gazette No. 301 of December 30, 2014, by which the period for deliberation of the budget estimate by local authorities, by the year 2015, it was postponed until March 31, 2015; Having regard to the request, dated March 9, 2015, of the Union of the provinces of Italy (U.P.I.) further postponement of this deadline to all local authorities; Considered that municipalities in the preparation of budgets for the year 2015 do not yet have completely of reliable data, both with regard to financial resources available from the Fund by 2015, which for the municipal solidarity redefinition of the objectives of the internal stability pact 2015, of which the recent agreement of February 19, 2015 enshrined in the Conference State-cities and local authorities; Was therefore considered it necessary and urgent to further defer, for these reasons, the term of the deliberation of the budget of local authorities for the year 2015; Acquired the approval of the State Conference-city and local authorities at its meeting of March 12, 2015, by agreement with the Ministry of economy and finance;
Decrees: Article only Further postponement of the deadline for the resolution of the local government budget 2015 as the deadline for the deliberation of the budget for the year 2015 by local authorities is further deferred from March 31 to May 31, 2015.
Roma, March 16, 2015: Interior Minister Alfano