Revoke Authorisation Upon Renunciation, Commerciodel Medicinal Product For Human Use «Verisan».

Original Language Title: Revoca, su rinuncia, dell'autorizzazione all'immissione in commerciodel medicinale per uso umano «Verisan».

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With no aRM-36/2015-223 of February 16, 2015 's revoked, pursuant to art. 38, paragraph 9, of the Legislative Decree of April 24, 2006, n. 219, on renunciation of pharmaceutical laboratory C.T. S.r.l. the marketing authorisation for the medicinal product in the boxes indicated below.
Medicine: VERISAN.
Packaging: A.I.C. # 036030056 «40 mg film-coated tablets» 14 tablets;
A.I.C. # 036030043 «20 mg film-coated tablets» 28 tablets;
A.I.C. # 036030017 «40 mg/ml oral drops, solution» bottle of 15 ml.
If the distribution channel were present stocks of medicine revoked, in the course of validity, the same will be disposed of not later than 180 days after the date of publication of this determination.