Replacement Of Liquidator Of «Work Point», Invenezia.

Original Language Title: Sostituzione del commissario liquidatore della «Work Point», inVenezia.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL for the supervision of, the cooperative system and commissarial managers Viewed the art. August 2, 2002, 12 of Legislative Decree n. 220; Visto l'art. 2545-octiesdecies DC; Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers No. 158 of December 5, 2013, «organisational regulations of the Ministry of economic development '; Noting that the societa ' cooperativa «Work Point», based in Venice, established on June 18, 2010, c.f. # 03990740270, it melted and put into liquidation on July 23, 2012; Having regard to the report of review of December 13, 2012, in respect of the aforementioned cooperative, culminating in the proposal by the Auditor in charge of adoption of the measure to replace the liquidator in accordance with art. 2545-octiesdecies of the civil code, on the basis of irregularities indicated in that report, performed by the registration failure of cooperatives, no show of corporate books and accounting records, failure to deposit with the competent Chamber of Commerce financial statements following the year 2011; Having regard to the findings of investigations conducted by the Office by extraction of the certificate of incorporation, dated January 20, 2015, competent business register; Considered that the cooperative, following the communication under articles 7 and 8 Act No. 241/90 made on May 19, 2014 prot. # 93989, did not produce any documentation certifying the student's regularisation of irregularities alleged in the review; Given the acquisition shall not act preliminary opinion of the Central Commission for cooperatives under art. 4 of P.r.decree # 78/2007, because so far it's not working; Taking into account that the institution is being under the conditions provided for by art. 2545-octiesdecies DC; Assessed as suitable for the personal and professional requirements resulting from the curriculum vitae of Dr. Adriano Menegazzo, born in Dolo (VE), January 10, 1949, c.f. MNGDRN49A10D325M, with offices in via Vittorio Veneto 23/A-30031 Dolo (VE);
Decrees: Art. 1 Dr. Adriano Menegazzo, born in Dolo (VE), January 10, 1949, c.f. MNGDRN49A10D325M, with offices in Via Vittorio Veneto 23/A-30031 Dolo (VE), he was appointed liquidator of the aforementioned cooperative society «Work Point», based in Venice, c.f. 03990740270, in place of Mr. Hossain Jahangir.