Dissolution Of The Coop. Three-Societa ' Cooperativa», In Genoa And Appointing The Liquidator.

Original Language Title: Scioglimento della «Coop. Tre - societa' cooperativa», in Genova enomina del commissario liquidatore.

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The DIRECTOR GENERAL for the supervision of, the cooperative system and commissarial managers Viewed the art. August 2, 2002, 12 of Legislative Decree n. 220; Visto l'art. 2545-septiesdecies DC; Visto l'art. 1, law no 400/1975 and art. 198 Royal Decree March 16, 1942, # 267; Seen the D.P.C.M. December 5, 2013, # 158, embodying the organisational regulations of the Ministry of economic development, for the responsibilities of supervision of cooperative; Given the directorial Decree of September 24, 2013 with whom the societa ' cooperativa ' Coop. Three-societa ' cooperativa» based in Genoa and was placed under management by Commission with appointment of the Government Commissioner in the person of Dr. Stefano Mac; Having regard to the report of the Government Commissioner Dr. Stefano Marastoni, prot. # 195,955 of November 27, 2013 in which highlights the existence of the conditions for the adoption of the measure of dissolution with appointment of liquidator with particular reference to the impossibility of achieving the purposes for which it was established; Considering that the cooperative has been notified within the meaning and for the purposes of articles 7 and 8, law n. 241/1990, the initiation of proceedings with a note of February 27, 2014 prot. # 34177; Taking into account that the institution is being under the conditions provided for by art. 2545-septiesdecies DC; Withholding the opportunity to have the measure of dissolution for Act of authority pursuant to art. 2545-septiesdecies CC, with the simultaneous appointment of liquidator;
Decrees: Art. 1 The societa ' cooperativa ' Coop. Three-societa ' cooperativa» based in Genoa, formed on February 17, 2006, tax code 01625680994, it is dissolved by Act of authority pursuant to art. 2545-septiesdecies c.c.