Amendments To The Statute.

Original Language Title: Modifiche allo statuto.

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The RECTOR having regard to the consolidated text of the laws on higher education approved by Royal Decree August 31, 1933, n. 1592, as subsequently amended and supplemented. See the Royal Decree-Law June 20, 1935, n. 1071, converted into law No 73 January 2, 1936. Having regard to the Royal Decree of September 30, 1938, n. 1652, as amended. Having regard to law No 312 April 11, 1953. Having regard to the Decree of the President of the Republic July 11, 1980, # 382. Having regard to Act May 9, 1989, n. 168. Having regard to law No 341 November 19, 1990. Having regard to the Statute of the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele approved by Decree of the Ministry of University and scientific and technological research August 2, 1996 and subsequent amendments and additions. See paragraph 95, art. 17 May 15, 1997, Act No. 127. Having regard to act December 30, 2010, # 240. Having regard to the resolution of the Board of Directors of December 15, 2014. Having regard to the note of the Ministry of education, University and research of January 27, 2015, prot. # 1013. Given that the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University qualifies as knowledge-based innovative institution of higher education of man-quid and quis est homo: integrated intelligence body-spirit person.
Decrees to enact a new Statute of the University Vita-Salute S. Raffaele in text that is presented in its entirety, to replace the one identified in the introduction.
Art. 1 1.1 is hereby established the free University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, hereinafter referred to as the University, with headquarters in Milan, via Olgettina # 58. Main aim of this University is the encouragement to the knowledge of the man, the image of God, in its organic components-intellectual-spiritual teaching and deepening of various disciplines, including biomedicine must shine as a crossroads of global culture. To this end the University Vita-Salute S. Raffaele promotes and increases scientific collaborations with high profile domestic and foreign institutions. 1.2 in the pursuit of its institutional duties teaching integrated Cognitive Neuroscience curricula of each faculty and the dissemination of the principles guiding their University constitute cultural values.